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David Haggith lives in the Pacific Northwest and is the author of DOWNTIME: Why We Fail to Recover from Rinse and Repeat Recession Cycles and publisher of The Great Recession Blog for eight years, ... more


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Hexit? EU And Hungary Deepen European Crisis Over Corona Pandemic
The EU and Hungary fracture over national pandemic responses and civil-liberties. Hungary could be the next Brexit. European leaders see an existential threat to the Union as Hungary’s PM seizes full dictatorial power.
If Bulls Had Wings They Could Fly, Without Them They’ll Die
This market remains deeply entrenched in denial, soaring even as unemployment soars higher toward the grand summits of the Great Depression and with certain knowledge that many jobs will not return.
How The Fed Fixed The Repo Crisis
In just four days' time, the Fed has stuffed more than half a trillion cash in QE back into bank reserves, which has sucked up any backed-up surplus of treasuries the primary treasury dealer banks had by permanently replacing those with cash.
Bailout Bonus Bonanza Going Bonkers … Again
Bankers are threatening to release the button on their suicide vests and blow themselves up by not taking the bailouts if they can’t have their bonuses.
3M Crash May Be The Shape Of Things To Come
3M stock rode the rally up all year, then took a cliff dive from its peak yesterday back almost to where it started the year in just one day -- its biggest plunge in 30 years.
A Week In The Life Of A Topsy-Turvy, Wildly Whirling World
Let’s review this past devilishly wacky week to see if we can divine the way the world is turning and why the markets are churning. It was 2019’s worst week in stocks and, well, just about everything economic all across this crazily spinning planet.
The Bears Have It Right: Economy Went Polar Opposite Of Bullish Predictions
The more polar opposite from bulls the bears went, the more right they were in 2018.
Powell Put Sends Stocks Soaring
Powell claimed the Fed is not designing interest rates to keep the market climbing. If that is true, recession must be near!
Federal Reserve Confesses Sole Responsibility For All Recessions
In a surprisingly candid admission, two former Federal Reserve chairs have stated that the Federal Reserve alone is responsible for creating all recessions in the United States.
Something Wicked This Way Comes. Is It The Fed? Is It The President? Is It The Treasurer?
The Fed, the president, and his treasurer are doing their utmost to stoke fear and panic in markets that have every reason to fear them.
Stock Market’s Stars Are Crossed For A Major Upset
Goldman Sachs now says that the stock market’s twin peaks this summer were actually a strong indicator that the market was crashing into a full-blown bear market, not just a correction.
Epocalypse Ahead On Highway To Hell For Global Economy And US Stock Market
What is really happening is that, as the Fed is letting the air out of all the tires, all the stock markets in the world — since the dollar is a global currency — are becoming less stable.
Trump Tax-Cut Bonuses Are A Bust For Middle Class Workers, Wages Lie In A Wasteland Of Failed Promises
Corporations have never given anything to workers that they weren’t forced to give, whether because of collective bargaining, the need to compete in a tough labor market or government mandates … or as a public-relations necessity.
Stock Market’s Massive Moves Not Seen Since Great Recession
Talk about the market busting a move. In less than half a month, the Trump Rally lost a third of the gain it had developed over a period of sixteen months — the worst two-week drop since February 2009.
EC Groundhog Day Drives Stock Market 666 Points Below Ground: What That Says About The Frosty Season Ahead
Not sure what it means that the prognosticating marmot reholed himself on the same day that the Dow plunged 666 feet underground, but I'm pretty sure it does not mean springtime for the economy has just arrived.
The Ghosts Of Crashes Past, Recent, And Future
I bet my blog on a stock market crash for January 2018. Will I fly or die?
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