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David Chapman is Chief Economist, BMG. David has worked in the financial industry for over 40 years. He spent most of his career on the trading desks of a few large Canadian financial institutions where he was a manager and dealer in money markets, foreign exchange and financial derivative ... more

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Technical Scoop Of The Markets
Politics, economics, and finance are all intertwined. All wars (political) are ultimately about economics and that in turn is about finance.
Technical Analysis Of The Markets
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. There are bubbles in the stock market, the bond market, the corporate bond market, auto loans, student loans, real estate, government debt, art and collectibles, and yes, Bitcoin!
Weekly Technical Scoop Of The Markets
November traditionally marks the start of the best six months of the year for stock markets. At least, that is what the record shows.
The Curse Of Years Ending In Seven
Years ending in seven are the leader in one category. They have the most losses totaling 20% or more. The total is four. Years ending in seven have also been, overwhelmingly, associated with stock market panics and crashes.
The Elephant In The Room: Debt
It’s the elephant in the room; the guest no one wants to talk to—debt. Total global debt is estimated to be about $217 trillion and some believe it could be as high as $230 trillion.
Blow Off Top…Could It Happen?
The market keeps moving higher despite the numerous reasons as to why it should fail. But probably the biggest reason the market keeps moving higher is because of the immense expansion of credit over the past eight years.
Global Market Analysis - November 4, 2016
This week we look at the elections and how the markets, gold and the US$ performed. As well, we look at debt and GDP growth.
Global Market Analysis, October 28, 2016
The DJI keeps bouncing off 18,000 emphasizing it as a support zone. Sentiment indicators and other indicators continue to weaken but the market holds in.
Global Market Analysis, October 14, 2016
The US stock markets continue to hang by a thread, but the thread is threatening to break. Both stocks and bonds, it seems, are threatening to break down at the same time.
Global Market Analysis - 10/9/2016
Deutsche Bank cannot stay out of the news. Some believe it is technically bankrupt. There is concern about its huge derivatives portfolio, even as most likely under 10% and even under 5% of it is high concern.
Global Market Analysis - September 30, 2016
The question is not if, but when something goes wrong to trigger an avalanche of selling and another global financial panic that would no doubt be larger than 2008
Global Market Analysis, September 23
How the US economic performance is faltering, and how the US business environment is eroding.
Digging A Hole, At Jackson Hole
August 26 was Janet Yellen’s day at Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the annual gabfest over economic policy. The Fed will hike interest rates if the data supports it. Otherwise they won’t hike interest rates. But the market seems to believe they will.
Global Market Analysis, August 26
We take a look at some recent economic numbers, including industrial production, capacity utilization, new home sales and existing home sales, and wonder what the fuss is all about.
Global Market Analysis, August 19
It is institutions that are driving the market higher.
Global Market Analysis, August 12
Two countries (US and Canada) moving, it seems, in two different directions.
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