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Dave Landry has been actively trading the markets since the early 90s. In 1995 he founded Sentive Trading, LLC, (d/b/a www.davelandry.com)--a trading and consulting firm. He is author of Dave Landry on Swing Trading (2000), Dave Landry’s 10 Best Swing Trading Patterns & Strategies ...more

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What To Do When Things Get “Iffy”
With the market topping out, it's time to review what to do when the market gets "iffy." In this video, I walk you through how I handle drawdowns.
The Week In Charts - More 0DTE. Plus How To Enter A Stock
Give an IPO five days to see how the charts settle before jumping in.
The Week In Charts - More 0DTE, Plus The Secret To Longer-Term Trading Success
Zero-days, techniques, market conditions and more are discussed here.
The Week In Charts: 0DTE Options - Too Good To Be True?
Zero-days; how Core Methodology can be used in Crypto, with current Crypto and stock market conditions; favorite stock picks.
Random Thoughts: Market Sees Its Shadow-Six More Weeks Of Bear Market
Here's yet another way to chart through the S&P 500 in 2023. When to buy, when to sell and when to pray...
The Week In Charts: Crazy About Crypto, For Now; Plus, Major Buy Signals Imminent
My recent intra-day trading experiment has come to a screeching halt. Some major buy signals are imminent in Bitcoin and stocks.
The Week In Charts: IPOs, Intraday Trends, Missed Trades
Dave delves into various subjects, including whether you should trade intra-day trends (or not)
The Week In Charts - Becoming A Successful Trader
Dave discusses various topics, including intra-day trading and trading opening gap reversals, the current stock market conditions, and his two cents on your favorite stock picks.
The Week In Charts - My New Take On Day Trading - Sat, 10 Dec
In today's video i will be giving my take on day trading, continue the discussion on "is your trading trapped in the maze,". Afterwards we will be taking a look if the current stock market and CRYPTO markets are worth investing in.
The Week In Charts: Last Week At ChartCon, Plus Trading Thursday’s Reversal
What I learned from the experts at ChartCon; Thursday's VIX and BITO trading; more.
The Week In Charts: The Trading Secret That's Really Not A Secret
Discussing the secret that's not, really; also recent winners, dealing with open profit drawdowns and more.
The Week In Charts: Millon-Dollar Trade Missed?
Recent big winners and how we picked them, nuances of trend trading, and answering your questions.
The Week In Charts: Stick With The Trend And Avoid The Next Big Disaster
Let's discuss simple ways to avoid the next big disaster, how to identify and avoid choppy markets, my TFM 10% system, and how to stay with the trend.
The Week In Charts: How To Make Money While Waiting For Core Trend Trades
The real money is in the longer-term core trend trades. However, sometimes those opportunities can be few and far between. This is especially true in a bear market.
The Week In Charts: Day-Trading The VIX
In this episode, I continue to show you my findings on day trading the VIX. I also answer your trading questions and analyze the current stock market.
The Week In Charts - New Research: Day Trade The VIX?
A look at promising new research and an analysis of the markets.
1 to 16 of 97 Posts
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