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I spent my first two post-secondary years napping and trying not to flunk out. But in the last half of my degree, things got interesting. Archean geology—the study of the ancient building of Earth’s continents and oceans. And ore deposits. After spending a field season bombing ...more


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Does This News Show South Africa Mining Surging Or Sinking?
Wwith major positive developments being followed by significant setbacks, it's raising the critical question of whether the sector is on the verge of a comeback, or a descent into deeper chaos.
Russia’s Energy Influence Grows Again With This $30B Deal
Watch for more deals coming from Russia’s oil giants, who appear to be on a massive acquisition spree.
These Insider Comments Show The Zinc Rally Could Head Higher
Many observers have been expecting a restart of Glencore’s big mines. But COO Ashe said the environment still isn’t right.
Here Are 2 Warning Signs For The World’s Top Shale Play
There's been a lot of activity the past few days in Pennsylvania, home of the Marcellus shale, arguably the world’s best-performing unconventional natural gas and liquids play. Things could get more complicated for drillers here going forward.
Global Natgas Politics Just Got More Heated With This Mega-Deal
Sinopec is selling its Argentina assets. Rosneft, which just bought into Eni's Zohr natgas field, is said to be interested.
Another Government Is Attempting This Dangerous Mining Strategy
Governments in mining nations globally are obsessing about “value-added” production, demanding that miners upgrade and refine metals in-country, instead of exporting lower-value products like concentrate.
Does This Climate Change Ruling Mean The End For U.S. Coal?
A federal U.S. appeals court Friday upheld a lawsuit from environmentalists — saying that any leasing of coal projects on federal land must consider climate effects from the eventual burning of that coal.
Private Equity Could Make 100% Profit In 18 Months In Unexpected Place
Private equity has been a rapidly-rising force in natural resources of late, with global PE firms holding an estimated $156 billion in funds for resource investments.
India's Unfolding Energy Crisis Just Went “Super Critical”
With a coal shortage, power operators are so desperate to keep the lights on, they’re willing to pay the higher prices required to deliver gas to the stranded power plants — causing this week’s major surge in natgas buying.
Just-Released Numbers Show A Rebound For This Unloved Metal
Iron ore may be poised for even better gains than zinc has been experiencing.
Does This News Show A New Top Copper Nation Rising?
Last week was tough for the copper mining sector in Chile. With S&P downgrading the country’s sovereign debt for the first time since the 1990s, because of lower copper prices.
Here’s The First Investment Opportunity Of The Trump Presidency
There was a small but potentially very important item for oil and gas explorers last week with the U.S. government making drilling much more attractive in one of the world’s go-to petroleum destinations; the Gulf of Mexico.
Insiders Plan To "Disrupt" How The World Buys & Sells Mineral Concentrates
Former Glencore traders launching an "eBay style" online platform, called Open Mineral, to connect buyers and sellers of mineral concentrates to modernize (disrupt) how concentrates are marketed worldwide.
1 to 13 of 13 Posts