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Daryl Montgomery runs the 8,000 member New York Investing meetup, an educational group for average investors and small traders. He is the author of 800+ investing articles and five books on investing and politics. He writes the monthly, "New York Investing Market Newsletter", which ... more


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Three Things Happened In The Market On May 15th, And They All Indicate Inflation
The yield on the U.S.10-Year Treasury, the price of oil, and declining emerging market currencies are all pointing to a rising inflationary environment. This represents a sea change from the last 30 years.
Why A New Long-Term Uptrend In Interest Rates Has Begun
Yields on the 10-Year Treasury peaked in 1981 and fell until 2012. They've moved sideways since then. They are about to reverse course and enter a new multi-year uptrend.
Trump’s Impact On The Market May Be Both Short And Long Term
Markets have priced in a Clinton win in the presidential election, although polls are neck and neck. In the UK Brexit vote, a loss was priced in because polls indicated it. When Brexit won, markets tanked. The same will happen in U.S. if Trump wins.
It Wasn't UK Stocks That Went Down The Most From BREXIT
Before the UK BREXIT vote, opponents claimed that the consequences would be financially disastrous for Britain. A global analysis of the market's reaction the next day, indicates the impact of BREXIT was much worse for parts of the EU instead
E Can The Spectacular Rally In Steel And Iron Ore Continue?
Steel and iron ore have had huge rallies in the last three months, with some stocks being up as much as 175%. Events in China are behind the rally and an incipient bubble seems to be forming. Authorities are trying to rein in the frothy trading.
E Nine Dow Stocks With The Most Bearish Charts
At the end of Q1 2016, the Dow has nine stocks that have fairly bearish charts. These stocks should either be avoided or potentially shorted.
E The Double-Death Cross And The Bear Market Moving Average Pattern
A moving average pattern that can be used to trade bear markets and its relationship to the Double-Death Cross. Also answers the question whether or not we're in a bear market.
E Using The Double-Death Cross To Confirm A Bear Market In U.S. Stocks
The Double-Death Cross -- using the 50-day (10-week), 200-day (40-week) and 325-day (65 week) moving averages to confirm a valid sell signal can also be used to predict a bear market, but this requires using 4 stock indexes in the U.S.
E Using The Double-Death Cross For Improved Sell Signals
The Death-Cross (when the 50-day moving average falls below the 200-day) no longer works as a sell signal. There is an improved version, the Double-Death Cross, that uses three moving averages and works much better.
Lying With Statistics: The September Jobs Report
One month before the presidential election, there was suddenly a major reversal in unemployment trends that have taken place during the entire administration of the Obama presidency. The figures indicate explosive growth is taking place in the U.S. economy and this has occurred overnight. The explanation of where this growth is coming from or how it has happened is illusive.
The Technical Picture For Gold And Silver
The world is awash in central bank money printing, with Japan this week joining the US and the EU central banks in announcing new stimulus efforts. As long as these programs continue, investors should be bullish on gold, silver and their miners and look to accumulate on any pullback.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts