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Danny has worked in sales, marketing and most extensively as a tennis coach. He currently runs a small resale business. In his spare time he observes financial markets and sometimes draws conclusions.


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E A Timely Innovator In The Tennis Industry Is Set To Launch
Slinger Bag is a revolutionary tennis product that makes practice and coaching more accessible and efficient. The business is pre-revenue, but launching shortly. With industry-leading management, the outlook is promising.
E Cryptocurrencies: Approaching An Epic Crash
Aspirations for Bitcoin's further integration into Wall Street and Main Street are far fetched. Cryptocurrencies will die much faster than they have grown.
E Bitcoin Investors: A Diagnosis
Investing in the cryptocurrency revolution? Are you Type 1, 2 or 3?
E A Bearish Snap Back Rally In Stocks
Stocks bounced back after Friday's sell-off faster than even most bullish prognosticators predicted. Current levels present tremendous opportunity to sell stocks and buy gold.
E Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: How Getting In Shape Made Me A Better Investor
Being disciplined is not a decision in and of itself, it really is a way of existence. I have come to believe that one cannot be a disciplined investor without living a disciplined life.
E This Is The Setup Gold Bulls And Stock Bears Have Been Waiting For
Stock market resiliency in recent years has created the type of complacency that can lead to a crash. Central banks may fight a potential sell off in stocks with easing measures, which will send gold and silver to all time highs.
E Crypto-Canary In The Coal Mine
Opinions on Bitcoin come in all shapes and sizes. There are Bitcoinless bums like me who see a virtual currency as too corruptible for viability and expect an ounce of silver to buy many, many Bitcoins by 2020.
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