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President at Money Strong, LLC; Former Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
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Called "The Dallas Fed's Resident Soothsayer" by D Magazine, Danielle DiMartino Booth is sought after for her depth of knowledge on the economy and financial markets. She is a well-known speaker who can tailor her message to a myriad of audiences, once spending a week crossing the ... more


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The Cinderella Bid
As Marc Cerasini, who authored the book Cinderella Man, wrote: “Those who are willing to put in the hard work will get the rewards they want.” Investors today need to follow these words.
Scars Inflicted On Travel Are Looking Permanent
Travel is not bouncing back anytime soon.
Mortgage Market Sends Wrong Message
Applications for loans to buy homes may be surging, but the availability of such credit is tumbling.
The Sleeping Giant
A different breed of sleeping giant is threatening to stir out of his slumber on America’s mainland.
The Fed Faces A Housing Conundrum
Artificially repressed interest rates have perverted what was once a market driven by supply and demand.
How To Identify A Bear Market Rally
History is replete with examples of major stock market recoveries following big sell-offs, many of which turn out to be head fakes.
Rising Credit-Card Use Shows Consumers Are Strapped
Americans are increasingly reaching for the plastic in their wallets to cover what their paychecks won’t.
The U.S. Economy Is On A Sugar High
Many companies are rushing to secure products and materials before the trade war worsens.
Student Loans Are Starting To Bite The Economy
Student loans are now the second-largest category of household debt in America, topping $1.4 trillion and trailing only mortgages at $9 trillion.
The State Of Jobless Claims In America: One Nation, Most Divisible
As white-hot as things are now, the risk of a “downside” surprise is at its apex with all 10 states posting year-over-year declines in jobless claims.
Strong Labor Market? Dig A Bit Deeper
For the first time in four years, the U.S. Commerce Department may be on the verge of reporting a gross domestic product number that tops 4 percent.
Something’s Amiss In The U.S. Jobs Market
The Institute for Supply Management’s April survey of non-manufacturing industries showed that activity slowed for a third consecutive month, dropping its index to the lowest since December.
EC The Great Contagion
As we know, when distortions stunt the price discovery mechanism and obfuscate the consequences of risk-taking for protracted periods of time, bubbles burst, and outbreaks of contagion ensue.
Will Autos Crash The U.S. Economy?
I fear forecasts calling for new car sales to decline to a 16.7-million annual rate are overly optimistic.
The Dark Side Of The Boon
Like it or not, the unrounded core inflation for January came in closer to a gain of 0.4%. In other words, look for the year-over-year rate’s next stop to be 1.9%. What could offset this march upwards?
Red Gold: Does China Aim To Dethrone The Dollar?
Rumors of the dollar’s imminent death continue to circulate. Maybe the cryptocurrency contingency is right. Maybe the dollar is headed the way of British Pound Sterling.
1 to 16 of 102 Posts
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