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Dan Varasani is a former qualified Financial Adviser. Part-time mentor, forex, equities & options trader.


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Crude Oil Remains A Slippery Customer; The Likely Future Direction
If this is a major high being formed, then we are likely to see retest of the $45 -$40 area as an initial target and in due course, the February 2016 low.
Pound Sterling’s Prospects - Seeing Through The Brexit Fog: Update
Calls for a second referendum by Scotland’s First Minister for their independence will also affect the "Sterling’s Prospects".
Pound Sterling’s Prospects – Seeing Through The Brexit Fog
Brexit campaigners argue that an EU exit would set Britain free to manage its own finances and affairs. But what impact would Brexit have on the pound?
What's The Prospect For The "Equity Market" For 2016/2017?
In May 2015 we witnessed a new high in the equity market. This high is unlikely to be surpassed in a decade or more. I have labeled this high, "The Generational Top" to distinguish it from other highs of 2000 and 2007.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts