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Dan Rayburn is considered to be one of the foremost authorities, speakers, and writers on streaming media technology, content, and business models. An avid blogger, author and analyst, Dan is often referred to as the "voice of the industry" and has been quoted in more than a thousand ... more

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The Pokemon Go Craze Is Having No Material Impact On CDNs & Wireless Carriers
Pokemon Go is having a big impact on a lot of consumers right now, but it’s not having a material impact on CDNs or mobile operators.
Akamai’s CDN Has No Performance Advantage For Video, And Here’s The Data To Prove It
Akamai wins the award for using the most vague, generic and high-level terms, providing little to no definition of what they actually mean. The problem is, Akamai doesn’t perform better than the other CDNs and many times, performs much worse.
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