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Craig Brown is an attorney with over 20 years experience in commercial litigation. As such, he brings a different perspective than most who blog on financial matters. His fascination with the financial markets began when he noticed the striking resemblance between the credit default swap market ... more

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Jobs, Jobs And More Jobs - But Who Will Fill Them?
The prices are going up as the price of labor is going up significantly and tariffs on lumber are not helping either.
Why It May Be Time To Worry About Household Debt
While household debt is at record levels, no need to worry as GDP is up significantly as well.
Restaurants - Something To Watch
Manufacturing has declined, government hiring is not strong, so the vast majority has been in the service sector. If that reverses, so will the reduced rate of unemployment, which is highly distorted anyway due to the participation rate.
Autonomous Cars - Issues Yet To Be Addressed
Auto insurers are facing an unprecedented change over the next decade or so, so if you are invested in them make sure they are preparing for the new future. Product liability, cyber risk, car sales - all these areas could profoundly change.
Raising The Minimum Wage, Without Raising The Minimum Wage
Trump administration may foster wage increases in the short-term but likely will lead to lots of unfilled jobs and pushing employers to automate - and thus eliminate jobs - in the mid-to-long term.
Kicking The Can Down The Road: U.S. Housing And EU Edition
Obviously the numbers out this week show that residential real estate is on life support. The scary part is that things could be worse.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts