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Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management at Personal Capital
My professional passion is helping individuals and families get the most from their money. Much of my career centered on generating alpha (beating a benchmark) for high net worth investors and big institutions. While relative performance remains incredibly important over time, my focus has evolved ...more

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October Market Recap: U.S. Stocks Rally
Better-than-feared earnings results fueled a rally in U.S. stocks in October.
July Market Recap: Stocks Rally On Investor Optimism
While not uncommon, it can feel strange when markets seem to be rooting for a slow economy to appease the central bank.
What To Do In Bear Territory
Rising rates create a headwind, but it is worth noting that high absolute rates do not preclude strong stock returns. Ten-year yields spent most of the ’90s in the 5-7% range, a period where stocks did extremely well.
What The Ukraine Crisis Could Mean For Markets And Investors
Stocks often fall around moments of crisis, only to post better than average returns over the next 6-12 months.
September Market Recap: Global Stocks Suffer First Losing Month Since January
Corrections happen in most years and diversified investors should not be surprised or particularly uncomfortable.
Weekly Market Digest: Quiet Holiday Trading Closes Wild Year
For the world, hopefully brighter days are ahead.
October Market Recap: Stocks Drop With Renewed Shutdowns, Election Angst
Rising coronavirus cases, inability to pass a stimulus bill, and pre-election jitters combined to drive stock prices lower in October.
Weekly Market Digest: Uncertain Stimulus Timeline May Drive Volatility
We expect market volatility to pick up in the coming weeks with uncertainty over a timeline for additional stimulus, the potential for drawn out election results, and a second coronavirus wave resurging.
September Market Recap: COVID-19 Market Recovery Hits Pause
The stock market’s torrid recovery from the coronavirus induced drop hit a pause in September.
Weekly Market Digest: Stocks Modestly Higher On Stimulus Optimism
For stock prices this week, hopes for a stimulus package outweighed news that President Trump contracted Covid-19 and a slowdown in  job growth. The House passed a $2.2 trillion package, but an agreement with the Senate remains elusive.
August Market Recap: Beware Of Concentration Risk
In a pandemic world featuring heightened uncertainty, we believe the risks of concentrated portfolios are the highest since 1999. The events in August underscore the importance of having a well-diversified portfolio.
Does This Week Represent The New Normal For Capital Markets?
The S&P 500 flirted with its all-time high from February but failed to push past it. The US registered its first week with new jobless claims under a million since March while retail spending in July passed pre-pandemic levels.
Markets Continue To Rally In July Despite Coronavirus Concerns
Plunging GDP and accelerating COVID-19 infections failed to slow momentum in stocks in July even as several states paused re-opening measures and many schools announced they will not be starting in person.
Markets Rally In June Despite COVID-19 Resurgence
Stocks continued to march back toward even for the year, even as COVID-19 infections began rapidly accelerating in many states.
Weekly Market Digest: Stocks Start The Third Quarter Strong
Stocks finished the second quarter and started the third on a strong note.
Weekly Market Digest: Stocks Continue To Rally
The “re-opening” market rebound continued with stocks marching higher, punctuated with a rally Friday fueled by a much stronger than expected jobs report.
1 to 16 of 86 Posts
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