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Big Returns!
Many investors want big returns, something that most stocks can't offer. But some can...
Interest Rates, Inflation, And Stock Prices
Given the intense interest in the relation between stock prices, interest rates, and inflation, it is worthwhile to review basic concepts that tie them together. 
What’s Up With Bitcoin? The Data
With all the talk about Bitcoin, it is time to delve into the data.
Popping Bubbles
Based on the experience, popping bubbles are often associated with the complete collapse of companies like, but that is as much the exception as the rule. 
Tesla Unhinged
Tesla Inc’s stock has become so divorced from the underlying economics that it now exists in a kind of valuation twilight zone.
ESG Investing: Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?
The bottom line is that there are a lot of reasons for investing in socially responsible green companies. Unfortunately, the prospect of higher future monetary returns is not one of them.
Another COVID Victim: Short-Termism
COVID has killed short-termism once and for all. The behavior of the stock market during a year of COVID-induced earnings declines is the final death knell for the hypothesis that the market is infected with short-termism.
Valuing Exxon
Most stock valuation focuses on companies with growth opportunities like Zoom, Wayfair, and Peloton, or companies whose stocks have outperformed like Apple. Here we take a look at the other side of the coin and present a valuation of Exxon.
Revisiting The CCG Quarantine Indexes
By tracking the daily percentage changes in the Quarantine and anti- Quarantine Index investors can gain a deeper understanding of how the virus is affecting the market.
What Does It Take To Be Worth $500 Billion?
Tesla enthusiasts point to the historical growth of today’s big tech stocks as evidence of Tesla’s potential to grow beyond the $500 billion mark.
The Tesla Stock Split Experiment
By unexpectedly announcing that Tesla's stock was going to be split 5-to-1, Elon Musk gave us a unique opportunity for a controlled stock experiment.
The New Tesla Stock Sale: Either Good For Company Or Investors
Tesla Inc has decided to sell more stock. The company announced that it will sell shares directly into the market to raise approximately $5 billion.
Market Efficiency?
Tesla is a poster child for informational efficiency. The stock responds almost instantaneously to slightest hint of news.
Are The Tech Giants Trading Like Bonds?
What if the major tech giants are trading as if they were quasi-bonds? That is a combination of their technology, their market power
Is Telsa In The Auto Industry?
This raises the question of whether using this second criterion Tesla is in the auto industry. Before turning to the results
Munger’s Moats: Bank Of America, Paypal And Square
The market has concluded that due to their technical prowess the companies that are now building sizeable moats are Paypal and Square.
1 to 16 of 28 Posts
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