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Clif Droke is the editor of the two times weekly Momentum Strategies Report newsletter, published since 1997, which covers U.S. equity markets and various stock sectors, natural resources, money supply and bank credit trends, the dollar and the U.S. economy. The forecasts are made using a unique ...more

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A Major Low For Silver
The beleaguered silver market could soon get a big break, based on a recent series of statistics. The data paint a sanguine picture for the industrial metal and suggest that higher prices are ahead.
Coal And Lithium: Pockets Of Strength
Weakness persists in most metals — and commodities in general — as investors continue to worry about the heightened risk of another recession. Despite the bad news, however, there are some promising areas of strength.
A Look At Titanium
The price of titanium rose 55% in the first quarter from a year earlier, which is benefiting companies that mine the metal as well as titanium product makers. Strong demand for titanium minerals has been the main driver behind the bull market.
The One Thing That Will Stop Gold's Bleeding
In today’s commentary, we’ll look at the one thing that will likely inspire new bids for gold in the coming weeks. We’ll also examine the current internal status of the actively traded gold mining stocks, which mostly remain under selling pressure.
Gold’s Silent Comeback And The Middle Class Rebound
While there is admittedly a danger in reading too much into such a simplified overview of middle class spending, it’s likely not far from the truth to assume that middle class Americans aren’t making much progress.
Prepare For A 30-Year Bull Market
While the bull market leg which began with the November election remains intact, the market has proceeded in a halting fashion and has gradually lost some of its erstwhile momentum. The following graph illustrates this principle.
Is The Market All-Knowing?
“The tape tells all” is a Wall Street bromide we’re all familiar with. It neatly summarizes the belief that the major averages discount everything pertaining to the business outlook. It’s also a basic tenet of Dow Theory.
The Bull Market And Donald Trump's Death Knell
The secular bull market which began in 2009 for the S&P is still alive and will likely remain intact. The stock market hasn’t been as vibrant in the last couple of years due to a variety of technical and fundamental factors.
What Will Finally Break The Market's Lethargy?
Wall Street would much rather see a lively bull market when stocks are roaring and participation is widespread among all classes of investors. But sometimes even a trading range-type market is good enough for the Street.
Book Review: Mind, Money & Markets
Every now and then, a book appears which breaks out of this mold and is truly as entertaining as it is educational. Such is the case with Dave Harder and Dr. Janice Dorn’s recent book, Mind, Money & Markets.
What Obamacare’s Failure Means For America
The first legislative setback of the Trump Administration is being celebrated by many, but not by middle class taxpayers and business owners.
What’s Preventing The Dow From Exploding?
The stock market has once again entered a period of consolidation as investors wait for the results of the most important legislative decision of the year.
Another Bubble? Bring It On!
Anytime the Dow makes a new high you can be reasonably assured of hearing the B-word bounced around in the media. Memories of the last bubble are still vivid and painful enough to trigger flashbacks of the bubble’s collapse.
Have Rich Investors Embraced A Bunker Mentality?
The stock market continues to make new highs, yet none of the signs which accompany a market bubble are evident. Investors are asking, “When will the Dow finally correct?” By “correct” they mean “decline.”
The Danger Of Being Bearish In A Bull Market
In a bull market the trend is truly your friend, and trading against the grain is usually a fool’s errand. Best leave that to the men wearing wolf masks.
Why Stock Market Analysts Will Be Wrong About 2017
We’re already a month into New Year and there has been an ample amount of sentiment data to suggest that investors, both retail and institutional, aren’t terribly enthusiastic on the stock market outlook for 2017.
1 to 16 of 19 Posts