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Natural Gas Continues To Dig A Deeper Bottom
Ample supplies and a mild winter have caused natural gas futures to drip down into multi-decade low support levels. The market has reached the sub-$2 level a handful of times in the last 20 years, which proved to be a value zone many times.
Crude Oil Is Figuring Out The Risk Premium
The excitement in the oil markets has subsided somewhat after the strike on the Iranian General, but the fear of what is coming next still lurks.
Natural Gas Crossing Fingers For A Rally
Natural gas futures are burdened by ample supplies and rallies will likely be shallow in the forseeable future.
Timing For Gold To Resume Uptrend
Gold is in a long-term uptrend and in the process of pulling back. There are some good setups to reenter this market on the long side. The market has bounced, but the it might need to go down one more level to find the best entry.
Natural Gas Still Under The Weather
The natural gas market is still struggling with ample supplies and facing many headwinds in the next few months. An extreme winter looks to be about the only thing that might reverse the trend. I continue to recommend selling rallies.
Crude Oil Removed All Gains From Saudi Attack
Crude oil couldn't hold any of the gains after the attack in Saudi Arabia and it looks like the fundamentals are pointing to even lower prices ahead.


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Crude Oil Prices Facing A Negative Tide
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