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Chris Gilbert Waltzek, Ph.D., is an economist / executive producer of Radio and the Alpha Stocks Newsletter. In 2016, he was awarded a PhD with dual honors after publishing the 152 page PhD dissertation on ProQuest, more


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Precious Metals Vs. Cryptocurrencies
In this interview, Gerald Celente returns with positive comments on the gold safe haven as well as the cryptocurrency market.
Interview: A Fresh Perspective On Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies could represent the greatest bubble of financial history with Bitcoin the Google-like model of a new digital revolution. Bob Hoye rejoins the show with a fresh perspective on cryptocurrencies.
Podcast: Interview With Bill Murphy & David McAlvany
Guest Interviews from featured guests: Bill Murphy & David McAlvany. In 2011, Gold more than doubled it's 1980s peak of 850 and silver touched its 1980s peak but was then knocked down 50%. Audio length:00:60:48.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts