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If You Think Open Banking Is Where It’s At, Think Again
As the business owner, all I want to do is my job, to have fun, to get on with creating more customers and more business. However, the issue with accounts, tax and invoicing is letting go.
Should Banks Have More Technologists Than Microsoft?
Is this some stand-off thing about banks being more technology oriented than technology companies? Big banks have more developers than Big Tech? It does not matter. It’s about quality, not quantity.
EC The Tectonic Movement From Paper To Data
Banks have spent a decade pissing all over cryptocurrencies, but the customer is now saying they want it, and the banks are starting to wake up.
The Roaring 2020s
The influences on our behaviors and banking are ruled by our immediate experiences yet, if you look back a century, the 2020s may well look like the 1920s.
Venezuela Replaces National Currency With Bitcoin
In a fascinating move Venezuela, which has been a basket-case economy ever since Hugo Chavez died in 2013, has dropped their national currency (the bolivar) and any ties to the US dollar and decided to link their national currency to bitcoin instead.
HH The Case Against NFTs
NFTs, cryptographic tokens which are unique and not mutually interchangeable, are being hyped right now on social media and in traditional media. I have read many dumb takes promoting crypto since 2009, but the NFT ones are the dumbest.
Banks Embrace The Gig Economy
More than half of financial institutions say they expect to have more gig-based employees, according to PwC’s report, “Productivity 2021 and beyond: Upskilling the workforce of the future to create a competitive advantage in financial services.”
What’s Going On With Crypto?
JPMorgan Chase are predicting bitcoins will break $146,000 per coin in the long-term whilst a Citibank analyst has predicted over $300,000. Meantime, I’m sitting here and wondering: has the world gone to pot? Or, rather, is the world smoking pot?
Facebook’s Diem Is A Shadow Of Libra
Facebook’s Diem looks more and more like PayPal within Facebook, and the crypto crowd continue to build non-governmental currencies that are anonymous and let rip the darknet crowd whether they like it or not.
Stripe: The Amazon Of Finance?
Stripe has gone from a simple merchant checkout API to a platform of platforms. The significance of that? Well, think of the Amazon of finance: that’s Stripe’s ambition.
EC Is Bitcoin Becoming Respectable?
As bitcoin’s pricing goes up and down as usual – almost $18,000 today (who bought a few for a $1?) – it seems like the world is moving towards cryptocurrencies, as they are now respectable.
The Impact Of The US Election On Finance And FinTech
The US election – whatever your view of its process and outcome – leaves us with a different perspective on financial markets and, specifically, on FinTech start-ups and funding.
Why Did China Block Ant Group’s IPO? A: Jack Messed Up
Just before the Ant Group IPO was meant to go ahead tomorrow, the Chinese Shanghai Exchange said that there were too many issues and would postpone the listing.
Going GloLo - The Elephant Returns
Having another conversation with the elephant in the room, i.e. the economy.
Demanding From Home Means Stores Are Dead?
One thing that is clear about demand and supply is, when you think about where we are today, there is little demand for anything. We are all staying at home – and so the only demand is what can be delivered to the home – that’s the issue.
Integrating Technology And Banking Is Not Easy, Especially With Acronyms
Banks are not really seen as a place for an artist. It is like bringing maths and art together. The two don’t mix. Like science and religion, certain academic disciplines should always be kept apart.
1 to 16 of 78 Posts
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