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I'm a new generation entrepreneur. I follow my bliss, which led me to create Silverback Social. We're a digital marketing agency. We focus on digital marketing strategy, online reputation, and social media influencer marketing. We execute social ... more


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LinkedIn Is The New Facebook: Here's What You Need To Know
This lighter "Facebookification" of content didn't happen overnight. It's been a gradual progression of cultural acceptance and norms.
5 Simple Ways To Make A Powerful First Impression
When looking for inspiration on how to make a great first impression, I need to look no further than the NY Yankee legend, Derek Jeter, whom I had the opportunity to meet.
Why You Need To Know The Answer To This One Question If You Want To Be Successful
Last week I sat down with former Green Beret, and NFL player Nate Boyer. How does one person become so successful? In my hour long conversation, I asked him and here was his response...
10 Steps To Produce Stunning Results In Your Life (According To Nate Boyer, Former Green Beret & NFL Player)
We all know people who produce results that seem otherworldly. People, who can cut through the cacophony of life, put their finger on a pulse, harness it’s energy and manifest things. Nate Boyer is one of those people. Here's how he does it...
How This Female Cannabis Entrepreneur Is Sparking A Movement And Building An Empire
Three years ago Jane West was a mid-level corporate manager, housewife and mother of two. Today West is sparking a movement and building a cannabis empire.
3 Business Books That Could Hurt Your Career And What To Read Instead
Certain popular business books, when interpreted incorrectly can backfire in serious ways. Here are four great reasons to trash three iconic business books, and what I recommend instead.
Top 10 Book Recommendations For Entrepreneurs
I’m a voracious reader. I’m also an entrepreneur. These books have recently helped me with everything I do. I hope they can help you too.
The Guide To Success, Survival & Redemption From The Former President & COO Of Monster Worldwide
This Q&A with Jim Treacy, the Former President and COO of Monster Worldwide, is a riveting look into the excesses, and successes of the DOT com world.
The One Surprising Time It’s Acceptable To Be Naked At Work
Chris Dessi shares a humorous personal story about the one time he felt it was "okay" to be naked for work...
HH What No One Tells You About Being An Entrepreneur
It sucks being an entrepreneur. Sometimes I feel like I’m Robin. But it’s also phantasmagorically f-ing awesome, because today I’m Batman.
You Need To Know These 9 Absolutely Awesome Things That Attract Wealth
I’m fascinated by people who have succeeded. So I have been interviewing the most successful people I know and here nine powerful lessons they've taught me...
Powerful Reasons Why Wall Street Got It Wrong With Twitter
Two weeks ago I went on CNN to discuss my views on Twitter (TWTR) and Facebook's (FB) earnings. Here's why I'm bullish on Twitter and Facebook since the companies went public...
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