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My name is Aaron Fifield, podcast host and developing trader. I cover the markets, speculation, risk and every week I interview a talented trader to extract their best insight.


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One Bias, One Objective: Make Money
What is most effective in the recent market environment?
Betting Against Stability
Are you able to bet on volatility?
The Legwork, Execution And Management Of Institutional Investments
A discussion about the institutional investment process. This includes researching companies and prerequisites for investing, the role of analysts and brokers in providing information and flow, and managing investments.
Extreme Volatility - Trading Markets During A Global Pandemic
How to navigate through the turmoil of a global pandemic?
First Year Trading Full-Time
My guest today is Josh Evans, living in Melbourne (Australia), and actively trading ASX equities. Josh follows his progression from newbie investor to intraday trader—including his motivation and preparation for going full-time.
Advancing Crypto Ecosystem - Post Two Decades Of Institutional Trading W/ Sudhu Arumugam
Joining me today is Sudhu Arumugam, the co-founder and Chief Risk Officer of cryptocurrency futures exchange CoinFLEX.
The Reckless Abandon Of WallStreetBets - Where Brazen Risk-Taking Runs Rampant
The brazen culture is fascinating and you can’t help but appreciate the rawness of it all, not to mention the comments provide priceless entertainment value.
The Trader’s Guide To Building Generational Wealth
How to differentiate between a worthwhile opportunity and distraction, definitively separating passive and active investment, the key to time efficiency.
Research Analyst Shares Practical Ways To Do Better Research
Tips for anyone who’s unsure about what to study, where to seek advice from others, also some key lessons learned from economists Eugene Fama and Lars Hansen.
A Beginners Foray Into (Part-Time) Systematic Trading
A discussion about algorithmic strategies for beginner traders.
Perspective From A Trading Technologist — Attacking Unique Problems
How will machine learning inevitably detect bad behavior? How to enter the world of trading as a technologist?
A Lesson In Risk Taking - With The Former Risk Manager Of A $200B Fund: Part 2
Various ways people frame risk to express either a positive or negative opinion. Why some traders lack focus on the one core objective of trading?
A Lesson In Risk Taking - With The Former Risk Manager Of A $200B Fund: Part 1
The point of risk management is to keep yourself in a position where you always have flexibility and it’s always a choice whether you want to cut risk.
The Order Book — What Traders Must Know About Supply And Demand
With a lot of numbers changing rapidly, how does a trader make sense of the order book?
Detective Work Leading To Viable Trading Strategies And The Rise Of Artificial Inteligence
The rise of artificial intelligence and quantum computing; what does this mean for the average trader—should we care or simply continue business as usual?
Learn An Arbitrage Strategy Used By Professional Stock Traders
How to make most of the markets? Learn about an arbitrage strategy used by professional stock traders.
1 to 16 of 36 Posts
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