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Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA has been a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News, has been quoted in Barron’s Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post and is a frequent contributor to Forbes Moneybuilder, GuruFocus, MarketWatch and



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Some Things Get Better With Age
Bonds, preferred stock and high-yield (but no-growth) dividend stocks might pay you a fantastic income stream today. But over the course of a retirement, you run the real risk of having your retirement standard of living degraded.
Don’t Chase Yield
When looking at low-priced stocks, how can you tell the difference between solid value stocks and the dreaded value traps?
The Next Ten Years
As we close out 2019, it’s time to look ahead to see what we can expect from the stock market over the next decade.
It Pays To Be Naughty
Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund, the world’s largest pension plan, decided to ban the shares of the stocks it owns from being borrowed by short sellers. Where do I even start in ripping apart that argument…
The Smartest Investor You’ve Never Heard Of And The Crisis No One Sees Coming
In a normal, functioning market, informed buyers and sellers reach an agreement on price. This is true of stocks but equally true of houses, cars, cups of coffee or velvet Elvis paintings.
Maxing Out Your 401(k)? Try This
If you’re on track to max out your 401(k) this year, congratulations! You’re building your next egg while sticking it to the tax man. Pat yourself on the back.
What The New SECURE Act Means For Your IRA
How can you argue with an act of Congress named “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement” (SECURE)? Who wouldn’t want an enhanced retirement?
10 Emerging-Markets Stocks That Will Survive The Trade War
There’s nothing quite like a good trade war to give investors the jitters. But it’s not just the ongoing spat between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping that has investors unnerved
Hate Your 401(k) Options? Try This
As you probably know, I’m a big believer in the humble 401(k) plan. Simply put, there's nothing better when it comes to having a tax shelter widely available to the middle-class. There’s just one big, glaring problem with the 401(k)...
20 New Dividend Stocks
John D. Rockefeller once said that the only thing that gave him pleasure was to see his dividends coming in. Getting a regular stream of income allows you to realize regular profits along the way without having to sell your stock
Have A Plan And Stick To It
The difference in life between success and failure, more than anything else, is having a plan and sticking to it.
How To Build “Old School” Wealth
With dividend-paying stocks, REITs, MLPs, and other income investments you can enjoy the milk every quarter… and you can still have your steak later if you ever decide to sell.
Why Dividends Matter
When you focus on dividends, you don’t have to worry as much about capital gains.
As You Finish Up Your Tax Return…
The tax code is notoriously complicated and intimidating. There are probably quite a few deductions that readers aren’t properly utilizing.
The Highest Yield Left In The Market
There’s only one asset class right now that sports what I would consider to be a truly impressive yield, and that is oil and gas master limited partnerships (MLPs).
401k Not Enough For You? Add This
It’s ok if you’re worried about the stock market taking another spill. No one says you have to allocate your 401k to stocks. A money market or stable value fund is a perfectly fine option for now.
1 to 16 of 292 Posts
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