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My passion is writing, I love writing... everything from short stories, to articles and blog posts, to research and analysis. I'm even working on a historical novel. I'm fascinated by numerous topics, in particular, business, finance and technology.


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Online Education Spikes Amidst The CoronaVirus Lockdown
With lockdowns in effect, the need for online education has suddenly exploded. This situation could lead to much-needed changes in education.
Filing Taxes For Small Businesses
We’ve all got to deal with it – tax season. Make sure to have all your bases covered. Here are some of the pillars in filing your taxes properly...
5 Tips For Those Entering The Forex Market In 2020
With the forex market in particular, you can secure sufficient profit through day-trading, all without investing a large sum of money to get started. Before you enter the forex market, here are the 5 top tips you need to know.
Covid-19’s Effect On Real-estate Prices
The novel coronavirus, and in particular the lockdown measures that came as a response to it, have affected just about every sector of the economy in one way or another. The property market in particular has taken a considerable hit.
Signals For Cryptocurrency Trading - Paid And Free Sources
This article discusses how useful cryptocurrency trading signals are and provides several paid and free options.
How To Manage Layoffs Properly During A Pandemic
With COVID-19, the world is currently experiencing a major unforeseen event that has dramatically impacted not only global health but also the economy in a negative way.
5 Big Mistakes Forex Day Traders Make
When it comes to Forex trading, we have a whole plethora of mistakes that we can make. Here are the top five that you should avoid...
5 Most Influential Leaders In The Finance Sector
If a role in finance interests you, taking notes from these influential leaders can help you carve out a successful career.
How To Keep Retail Sales Up During A Pandemic
The unprecedented pandemic has left millions unemployed, and countless businesses on the verge of collapse. How can a company adapt to survive?
The Importance Of Life Insurance In 2020
The current state of world health in 2020 has made all of us a little more risk-averse, and with good reason. Despite this, surprisingly few are purchasing new life insurance plans. This may be a mistake, here's why...
4 Things To Know Before Taking A Car Loan
The thought of purchasing a new vehicle is something that millions of Americans dream of. But it can be easy to forget about some of the important factors associated with purchasing a car, however.
Everything You Need To Know About Bad Credit
Having bad credit can significantly impact your current situation as well as the future. It’s something that every smart consumer and entrepreneur should monitor carefully.
5 Reasons To Trade Crypto
All forms of trading have their own risks, but there are lots of benefits to trading cryptocurrencies that draw people in. Here are five reasons trading cryptocurrency could be a good option for you.
Securing Your Assets In The Digital Age: A Short Guide
In an age before computers and digital programs, protecting your assets was a simple procedure. If you wanted to protect your store, you’d hire a security guard. If you wanted to protect your home, you’d erect fences and install an alarm system.
The Best Social Networks To Consider For Your Business
Are you an entrepreneur and you have your own business? It's time to take the next step and master promoting your business on social media networks.
Hearing Aid Loans: Why You Should Consider Them
Nobody wants to be told that they need hearing aids. But this is the reality for a lot of people. The good news is that advancement in technology means there are a variety of hearing aids available that can improve your quality of life.
1 to 16 of 266 Posts
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