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Captain Hook is an acknowledged financial markets commentator since 2003, publishing on the site he founded, Treasure Chests. He has been a speculator / investor since 1985, and has a background in finance, economics, and psychology. Hinging off this experience, as well as custom technical ...more


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Promises To Keep
Donald Trump did it. He is the newly elected President of the United States of America - the USA. The USA - that place of apple pie and opportunity - the land of the free and brave - embodied in Donald Trump and his success.
Nowhere has perception management of the American mind been made more obvious than in the present US Presidential election.
Viva La Revolution
Hillary and the corrupt Clinton machine are finished – and with any luck heading for The Big House. But will Trump be able to solve all of our problems?
Like Scotsman William Wallace of Braveheart fame, Donald Trump has started 'a movement' of the common folk in America like no other since it's founding.
The Dirty 30’s Are Back
With debt levels so high these days, everything in the financial world revolves around the cost of credit. So when the TNX puts in a five-wave bullish impulse while breaking above the 200-day moving average (MA), you take notice.
Pushing On A String
Interest rates are zero (ZIRP) now, at least for some people. If you are rich, they are zero. If you have money in the bank they are zero, and will likely be negative (NIRP) if trends in Europe are any indication.
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