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Blogger & Retired Russell 2000 E-mini Futures Day Trader
Blogger and retired Russell 2000 E-mini Futures Day Trader. I was first introduced into the world of trading when I took an options course in Porlock, England in involved buying options on the FTSE 100 Index. The instructor was a Scottish fellow named Jock. He was very amusing and ...more


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SPX: Mired In Volatile 'Chaos Zone'
It's plain to see that the SPX is firmly stuck in between 3750 and 4200. It's had difficulty gaining sustained momentum to hold onto gains made above 3750, and to steadily increase its value...convincingly...since January of 2021.
KBW Bank Index Looks Shaky
BKX has had great difficulty, since the 2008/09 Financial Crisis, gaining sustained momentum to hold onto gains made above 80.00, and to steadily increase its value...convincingly.
Credit Suisse Bank: From Bad To Worse
Sellers are still firmly in control of CS and have been for most of the time since its high of 73.01 made in April 2007.
Silicon Valley Bank's Parabolic Rise & Plunge
It's interesting to note how closely SIVB mirrored the movements of Bitcoin, COIN, FNGU, and BLK, as shown on the monthly comparison chart.
2023 Market Forecast
Investors will start buying up Bonds in 2023, as crypto markets continue to fail, bank lending tightens, and equities continue to drop.
2022 Market Wrap-Up: 'Like Watching Paint Dry'
Day-to-day or week-to-week trading for 2022 has been erratic and non-directional...and about as interesting as 'watching paint dry'.
SPX: A 4th Candy Cane For 2023?
Will we see a fourth 'candy cane' form on the SPX in January? If so, the target is 3200.
Saxo's 10 Outrageous Predictions For 2023: Is $3,000 Gold Possible?
While it would be an unprecedented move for gold in one year, 3,000 is within the Fibonacci target price zone...and is technically possible. 
Williams Alligator Is Forecasting Further Weakness For Blackstone Group Ltd.
A drop and hold below 80.00 could see price plunge to its next major support level of 60.00, or lower to 40.00.
SPX: Still In Technical Downtrend On Weekly Timeframe
The SPX is still in a technical weekly downtrend until it makes a higher swing high and swing low. So far, it's made neither.
$100-$150 Oil...Just A Matter Of Time
No doubt, the price of WTI Crude Oil will skyrocket to $100, or higher...along with inflation to give Fed Chairman Powell heartburn, it's just a matter of time.
U.S. Fed: "No Pause" To Refresh
US Fed Chairman Jerome Powell emphasized several times during his press conference that the Fed is not pausing their rate hikes, as they're focused on raising rates until inflation comes back down to their target 2% rate.
META: Tech-Wreck's Leader Of The Pack
The following one-year charts and year-to-date percentages gained/lost graph show how much the 10 Technology stocks within the FNGU ETF have dropped during those periods.
World Money Flow: October Week 3, 2022
Markets may continue to experience volatile, wild whipsaw intraday swings, until we see clear signs of capitulation.
U.S. Bonds, Yields And Volatility Near Extreme Levels
A look at the monthly charts of the 10-Year T-Note, the 10-Year Treasury Yield, and the MOVE Index.
BlackRock's Parabolic Plunge
The following monthly chart of BlackRock Inc. shows that it has had difficulty sustaining gains above 400.00, when it broke above that level in April 2017...from a base that began to form in October 2013 at 300.00.
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