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Callum is the founder of Topdown Charts - a chart driven research house covering global asset allocation and economics. Callum has a background in multi-asset investment strategy on the buyside and has built up strong research and analytical expertise for generating global macro driven ... more


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Global Outlook: Deflation Is Back... (But)
It's that D-word again. Deflation is knocking at the door of the global economy. But who is going to answer, and who is really at the door?
Capital Market Assumptions: Global Equities In Focus
Within equities, the US is expected to deliver positive returns over the medium-longer term, but global ex-US (emerging markets and developed excluding US) is expected to substantially outperform US.
Copper Vs Gold - A Macro Microcosm
So if we think that bond yields look overdone, is the collapse in the copper to gold ratio also overdone?
Are Bond Yields Too Low?
Bonds have had a dream run since bottoming late last year, particularly the longer end of the curve.
Fed Vs Stocks: Finding The Sweet Spot
Opinion has been extremely divided about the recent Fed rate cut. Some say it was necessary and prudent, others say it wasn't needed, and there are even those who say they're doing too little too late and rates are on their way to zero.
US Margin Debt Trends: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly...
Margin debt is a funny indicator, it gets frequently used and abused by both rational cool-headed traders as well as sensationalist fear-mongers.
Inflation Surprise! (...Or Lack Thereof)
Perhaps one particularly surprising thing this year has been the lack of surprise - that is, upside surprise in inflation.
The Policy Pivot: Global Equities
A lot of focus, talk, and frankly noise has emanated around a widely expected Fed rate cut at the end of this month. But the discerning observer will note that the Powell Pivot is actually part of a wider global monetary policy pivot.
Make Shipping Stocks Cheap Again
The trade war has wreaked havoc on global markets and indeed the global economy.
The Value Of Value Stocks
Value stocks have had a hard time in recent years, and this persistent underperformance is putting traditional and long-held ideas at risk of being thrown out and discarded.
10 Charts To Watch In 2019 (Half-Time Update)
Well, it's already H2 now, and what a year it's been so far.
EM Central Banks Turning The Corner
The Fed is in focus this week, and for very good reason. But if you look further afield you'll see that a clear global monetary policy pivot is already underway.
Top 5 Charts Of The Week - Tuesday, June 11
Here are some of the standout economic and markets charts on my radar.
Crude Oil Volatility Spike - A Classic Contrarian Signal
The correction in crude oil has come as a shock to previously bullish traders and has rippled across global asset markets.
Gold Set On A Path To A New Bull Market?
In case you missed it, gold has finally managed to stage a decent rally. Through the turmoil and tumult of the trade war escalation, gold had been reluctant to move as US dollar strength kept a lid on things.
Top 5 Charts Of The Week: Global PMIs, US CMI, Asian Investors, And The Fed
Here are some of the standout economic and markets charts on my radar.
1 to 16 of 384 Posts
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