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Callum is the founder of Topdown Charts - a chart driven research house covering global asset allocation and economics. Callum has a background in multi-asset investment strategy on the buyside and has built up strong research and analytical expertise for generating global macro driven ...more


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Chart Of The Week - U.S. Housing Better And Worse
U.S. housing market is less leveraged but more expensive vs pre-08.
The 12 Charts To Watch In 2022 - Q4 Update
Headed into Q4 and indeed into 2023 it's still hard roads ahead as we're clearly in the middle of a global equity bear market, and impending global recession.
Chart Of The Week - Pricing Pressures Peaked (Piqued?)
The global PMI pricing pressure indicator peaked earlier this year, and if past correlations hold we should expect a further easing of pricing pressures as commodity disinflation takes hold.
Chart Of The Week - Global Equity Risk Premium
Global ERPs have not improved much since the onset of the bear market.
Chart Of The Week - Silver ETF (Out)Flows
Silver bulls have completely capitulated.
Chart Of The Week - China Turns To Stimulus
China is moving slowly but surely towards greater stimulus.
Chart Of The Week - Crisis Of Confidence
Consumer confidence has collapsed all around the world this year, nearly matching the pace and magnitude of the drops seen during the global financial crisis and pandemic panic.
Chart Of The Week - Premature Pivot Party
Great inflation expectations are a barrier to pivot.
Chart Of The Week - Global Property Price Boom (And?)
The economic cure of the pandemic has left extreme side effects.
Chart Of The Week - Another Headwind For Commodities
The China property downturn adds to downside risk for commodities.
Chart Of The Week - Technical Patience In EM Equities
EM equity technicals suggest caution and patience for now.
Chart Of The Week - From Not Enough To Too Much
Backlogs are backing down, and inventories are surging.
Chart Of The Week - Heavy Metal Omen For Energy Prices
Energy commodity prices have pulled back from the highs, but it could just be the start of a deeper correction if the price action in industrial metal commodities is anything to go by.
Chart Of The Week - China Cheap Again
China A-shares are trading at cheap valuations.
Chart Of The Week - Not Expensive, But Not Cheap Yet
One of the most interesting aspects of the past decade has been the divergence in valuations between the USA and the rest of the world.
Chart Of The Week - Clues From Small Central Banks
Globally central banks are hiking interest rates at a record pace.
1 to 16 of 481 Posts
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