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Business Analyst & Financial Author
What can I do for you? Together, we can structure win-win-win situations. Experience: MD, MBA, Software designer, Business author, and "Decision Framing and Valuation" expert. Specialties: Listening, Public Speaking, Leadership, Family Dynamics/Team building, Decision ...more


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Chapter 5: Mental Toughness (Sports & Stocks Book By Bud Labitan)
Sports & Stocks describes investing in the stock of a winning business. Mixing sports talk with investing talk may stimulate your thinking about better investing. The Goal is to find HQB, High Quality (Business) Bargain. This book includes new stock valuations of Baxter, Boeing, and Disney.
Sports & Stocks Book By Bud Labitan
Sports & Stocks relates winning sports and investing ideas. Readers are entertained to think about their approach to finding a high QB, Quality Business, and a profitable value stock.
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