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Bron Suchecki has over 25 years’ experience in precious metals, holding a variety of roles across operational, retail, treasury, depository, and risk/governance areas.


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Is Australia On A 5.55% Gold Standard?
Commentary on the Reserve Bank of Australia's activity in the gold lease market and management of Australia's gold reserves.
Backwardation, The Bank Of England, And Falling Prices
In commodity markets backwardation is an indicator of physical shortages. Shortages result in buyers bidding up the cash price of the commodity above the future prices.
Swiss Customs Data Indicates Gold Flowing East To West
Swiss gold flows are worth looking at because Switzerland is home to over 5000 tonnes of refinery capacity as well as being a major vaulting location.
Gold's Yin And Yang
During gold’s bear market from 2011, the flow of gold out of ETFs drove the popularity of the West to East narrative not just among goldbugs but also bullion market professionals.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts