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Brian Bleifeld is a CPA who has a hobby of analyzing markets for small inefficient behaviors. Markets Brian likes to investigate Financial, Sports, Social, Political Capital and Internet trends. Since some of his findings involve financial areas he posts content on Seeking Alpha. Brian ...more


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Why Taxes For Pro Athletes Are So Complicated
Taxes have become quite complex, especially for pro athletes and other professionals who travel to certain cities, states, and even foreign countries for the purpose of business.
Why Small Businesses Need Agreements In Writing
Small businesses often capitalize on their less formal, more personal, approach to their customers and clients. While there is nothing wrong with this approach in general, it should not extend to business agreements and legal matters
8 Things You Should Know About IRS Audits
You may know someone who's been through an IRS audit. You've at least heard that it can be a grueling, complex process. But how much do you really know about this potentially-unpleasant procedure? Here's some of what every business owner should know.
25 Accounting Terms You Should Know
If your business is exceptionally uncomplicated, you might get by without knowing a lot about the principles of bookkeeping. Still, it helps to understand the basics. Here's a look at some terms and phrases you should understand.
Avoiding Capital Gains When You Sell Your Home
According to the IRS, when you sell your primary residence (the key word here is primary residence or the home you actually live in), you can realize up to $250,000 in profit without owing capital gains taxes. That number is doubled for married homeowners to $500,000.
The Risks With Using Email For Business
Email is an incredibly useful tool for businesses dealing with basic information. However, using email to communicate with customers and other businesses can pose a serious risk for your business if you don't take the proper precautions.
Depreciating Equipment For Tax Purposes: What's Required?
Depreciation is a very complex element of the tax code. It's best you don't try to tackle it on your own.
Are You Eligible For Health Insurance Tax Credits?
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) can save your small business money through its tax credits.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts