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Brian created Investor in the Family and Online Investing Conference to help you become a better investor. His goal is to provide training, tools, and access to professionals that can help you to best manage your money and better provide for your family and future.


Ian Bezek – Getting Rich Finding 100 Baggers
Ian talks about how he tries to invest in 100 baggers and takes time to detail his entire process for finding, researching, and ultimately making the decision to buy.
How To Make Money Investing In Biotech And The "Internet Of Things"
What happens when tech replaces jobs and dealing with the fact that tech is naturally deflationary? What is the next big thing in Biotech?
How To Outperform Any Hedge Fund - Podcast With Ian Bezek
Ian Bezek "retired" from a hedge fund in his mid-twenties and has been traveling the world and living abroad since then. He is still an active investor, but invests and writes at his leisure. As you might imagine, Ian is a pretty unique guy.
Man Against Machine: Investing In A World Of HFT And ZIRP
Adam Aloisi shares what he thinks about retirement investors wrestling with whether to move to cash in today's high P/E market. We also dive into the processes Adam follows when researching and making personal investments.
How I Build My Portfolio As A Dividend Growth Investor (Podcast With Mike Nadel)
Mike is a conservative investor. He's not a trader or speculator. He likes to describe his approach as marked by discipline and common sense. In this interview, Mike goes in depth to explain his personal approach to dividend growth investing.
Why You Should Want A Strong Dollar; With Simon Constable
An interview with Simon Constable where he gives his argument for why we should want a strong dollar (UUP) and cheap gold (GLD).




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