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Bret Jensen was chief investment strategist from 2008-2011 for Simplified Asset Management (S.A.M.), a small long/short hedge fund based in Miami. The fund was in top 5% of long/short hedge funds for total return in its first full year (2009) as ranked by Hedgeco fund database (more than 450 ... more


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Keep The Faith On This $4 Biopharma Stock
BDSI has seen explosive revenue growth its core flagship product BELBUCA since the end of 2017.  Unfortunately, that huge sales ramp up has drawn little applause from Wall Street.  This makes BDSI an incredibly cheap growth play.
3 Stocks Insiders Are Buying
The market opens the week on a weaker note as all the major indices are slightly in the red as we approach the noon hour this Monday.
The Biotech Analyst Run Down For Friday, June 12, 2019
The biotech sector was off nearly one and a half percent in trading yesterday. Investors are waiting to hear the details of the administration’s new initiative to reduce drug prices by pegging.
The Market Is Bullish On These 11 Stocks
Stick to any of these ten companies if you’re looking for a new opportunity in the market. With long-term growth trends still in their early innings and growth prospects fueled by economic tailwinds, you can invest in these stocks with confidence.
7 Stocks To Buy In The Market’s 3 Hottest Sectors
Invest in the momentum of these seven stocks spanning three different sectors that all have strong economic tailwinds lifting their revenues, profits, and stock prices higher.
4 Likely Biotech Takeover Targets To Buy
After biotech stock Relypsa was bought out last week for a 60% premium, the odds of M&A heating up in this sector increased dramatically. Bret Jensen shares four more likely takeover targets that should be on your watchlist.
6 Stocks To Profit From The Upcoming Election
No matter who makes it into the White House after this year’s election, you should make sure that the stocks you buy now will still be able to flourish. Here are six safe stocks that will perform well regardless of this upcoming November’s results.
3 Undervalued Stocks With Strong Upcoming Catalysts
If all goes well for these 3 stocks, in the next 6 months they could be worth over double the prices they currently trade for. Each stock has important, business-defining events that would make their businesses significantly more valuable.
4 Undervalued Stocks To Buy And 5 To Sell
Ditch these five losers that could flush your hard-earned money down the drain and buy four undervalued winners that are best-buys now. Deciding where to invest and more importantly, where not to will be paramount for beating the market in 2016.
3 Safe Stocks To Buy To Avoid Any Brexit Fallout
Replace any of your holdings too overexposed to Europe with these three safe stocks that derive the majority of their earnings from the states. With mounting uncertainty on the impacts of the exit, your safest course of action is to stay domestic.
Buy These 7 Stocks That Won’t Stop Going Up
Although the housing market continues to improve in a two step forward, one step back basis, the trend is up with housing starts running at just under 10% above the same period last year.
5 Stocks To Buy Since The Fed Didn’t Raise Rates
With the Fed backtracking on increasing the funds rate this year, it's time to look into stocks that outperform in a continued low-rate environment.These stocks offer investors stable yields and strong share price appreciation whatever the Fed does.
Bet On These 3 Stocks To Outperform In 2016
Fueled by strong economic tailwinds specific just to their sector, these stocks will move higher for years. And, unaffected by the same fears that hold a tight grip on the market right now, are low-volatility plays to earn solid returns in 2016.
5 Biotech Takeover Targets That Could Get Bought Soon
Don’t let the resurgence in M&A in the biotech sector pass you by. Bret Jensen shares his top five picks for likely acquisition targets in biotech.
4 Undervalued Biotech Stocks To Buy Today
The recent brutal bear market in the biotech sector reminded investors in this lucrative but volatile space the imperative importance of risk management when investing in this industry.
4 Takeover Stocks To Buy This Summer
Biotech has gone a real tear over the past three weeks after making several “false starts” over the past several months as it emerges from an immense bear market that began late in July of last year. This move feels more real than previous bounces.
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