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I’m Bram de Haas. I seek downside protection and upside optionality through idiosyncratic, truly differentiated investments.

Investing, like poker, is all about taking calculated risks. I research investment opportunities far off the beaten path for my benefit and that of my ... more

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How The Black Swan Portfolio Is Positioned At Record Highs
A performance review of The Black Swan Portfolio and a discussion of some of our best ideas.
E DHT Holdings: An Undervalued Shipping Play With A Large And Young Fleet
A short review of an undervalued play within an out-of-favor industry.
E Book Review: Deep Risk
Book review of Deep Risk by William L. Bernstein. The book gives knowledge on how to position a portfolio in the face of the 4 categories of deep risks that can truly devastate an unprepared portfolio.
E Bitcoin: Financial Elites Are Getting Involved
Christine Lagarde recently held a speech and Bitcoin was one of three important subjects. She appeared to be extremely well informed. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein and Blackrock's Larry Fink are also in the know.
E Lots More Than Aspirin: What You Should Know About Bayer
German conglomerate Bayer can best be described as a pharma/medical business and it trades at a steep discount to peers. The conglomerate is attractive because it is not very expensive at 16x free cash flow.
E 7 Things You Need To Know Before Investing In The Next Hot ICO
Companies issue cryptocurrency instead of shares to fund their growth in ICOs. There are many similarities but also important differences with the traditional IPO. Here are seven things you need to be aware of.
Initial Token Of Skepticism
After calling cryptocurrencies a bubble, Mark Cuban is now spearheading a fundraising effort.
EC Why I'm Slashing My S&P 500 Exposure
Five reasons to start slashing S&P 500 exposure now while everyone else is still cheering and happy to pay high prices.
Why Mark Cuban Is Wrong On Bitcoin
Mark Cuban displayed his ignorance on Bitcoin on Twitter. In this article his main arguments are dissected and refuted.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts