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Brad Thomas has over 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate brokerage, development and investment sectors and the majority of his experience has been research and consulting. Over the years, Thomas has provided nationwide real estate brokerage, construction services, development ... more

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There’s Always Another Side To The Economic Story
One way or the other though, groceries are definitely getting more expensive.
The New, The Old, And You
Earnings season is always an interesting time, with some days being so filled with reports and releases that it’s hard to keep up… and other ones being so slow.
A “New” Approach To Brick-And-Mortar Retail
Experiential retail was the answer to the retail apocalypse before the coronavirus hit. Could it be the answer again?
Are You Properly Prepared For What’s Right Around The Corner?
Valuation is far too important a factor to ignore, because even the most solid of companies can lose us a lot of money if we buy into them when they’re trading at unsustainable levels.
REITs Are Poised To Profit
Nareit senior economist Calvin Schnure says, “REITs are poised for further gains in 2021.” But which REITs are the right REITs?
A Busy Week At IREIT
The Transportation Security Administration, much more commonly known as the TSA, announced plans to hire 6,000 officers over the next several months. That’s to cover stations at 430 airports across the U.S.
Keep It Simple, Sweetheart
Don’t get distracted by short-term dips or even dives. We’re still looking at a bigger-picture recovery in the end.
A Tale Of 3 REITs
Who wants to be in retail or big urban areas these days?
How Is 36% Annually For Performance?
The markets aren’t sure what they’re doing as I write this, reflecting continuing uncertainty about half a dozen very important questions about economic growth.
145 Million Americans Own REITs, Are You One?
There’s some interesting – though perhaps not surprising – commercial real estate data coming out these days.
The Race Between Positive And Negative Forces In The Economy Is On
The faster the economy recovers, the faster CRE will. What’s less obvious is how there’s both a positive and a negative side to consider when it comes to how fast everything gets back up and moving like it used to.
The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself
Yesterday’s Market Sum mailing from Investopedia was an interesting read filled with optimism overall. But I’m not a market timer. I’m an analyst, so here's my take.
What A Fool Believes
As you can see, three net lease REITs were the worst performers yesterday. But I would caution you to take long-term views of this short-term snapshot.
Blinded By The Dividend-Paying Light: Beware Of Washington Prime's 'Sucker Yield'
Washington Prime Group has taken on more leverage over the last two years and its cost of capital signals that the moat is shrinking.
Tanger Is A Textbook Strong Buy
Tanger, in my view, is a cash cow, and that’s one of the primary reasons I have been so bullish with this pick.
Monopoly Man's Monthly Strong Buy Pick: Iron Mountain
Just over a week ago, Bank of America downgraded Iron Mountain to underperform, citing declining recycled paper prices, of all things. I believe investors should consider the potential opportunity.
1 to 16 of 81 Posts
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