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Trade A Strategy Not A Stock
The beauty of algo trading is that you do not have to make great trades. All you need to do is just make good enough trades -- as long as your strategy is the right one.
The Perfect Time Frame For The Retail Trader
As retail traders, we simply can’t compete on the sub pip level of market makers and HFT algos. It’s akin to driving the Autobahn in a Chevy Cruze.
4 Simple Ways To Determine If Your Trading System Is Truly Viable
The single most important aspect of a system is that it be in sync with your personality.
AUD/USD – Is That All There Is
The Aussie got the bulls hearts racing as it barrelled through the .7600 level on much better than expected Retail Sales data.
Simple, Not Easy
The advice from every financial adviser is to just buy the index and you will be rich by retirement. After 35 years on Wall Street, I do know one thing. If everyone is telling you to do something, it has to be the single worst advice you can take.
USDJPY- Back To 108.50?
Positive sentiment has been pummelled this week. Is the party over for USDJPY bulls?
USDCHF – Walking It Way To .9700?
After bottoming out at .9200 in mid-February the Swissie has declined by 500 pips against the buck -- a stealth rally that has been hardly noticed.
Want To Trade Better? Think In Points
Investors love to talk in percentages. The Dow is up 25% this year, up 200% this decade. This stock is a ten bagger.
USDJPY – Is The Bottom In?
If the Chinese do indeed hold back their gunpowder, the market may see a massive relief rally and USDJPY which has been able to hold 105.00 support despite all the hand-wringing by traders, could quickly verticalize to 108.00 as shorts run for cover.
AUDJPY – Double Bottom At 81.00?
If Mr. Powell remains upbeat about the US economy and maintains a hawkish bias with regard to US monetary policy that is likely to help USDJPY and all the yen crosses, of which AUDJPY remains the strongest.
EURUSD Slides Back – 1.2200 In View
The euro slid lower in NY session today ending on the lows of the day as it flirted with the 1.2300 level.
EURUSD – Triple Top?
Today’s ECB meeting faked traders out. The text of the statement was decidedly hawkish but the presser stressed the fact that ECB was concerned about low inflation, protectionist policies and only modestly bullish on growth.
CADJPY – A Turn For The Making?
If BOC simply stays neutral and tariff threat begins to fade, CADJPY has a chance to recover further.
USDCAD – Fresh Highs Ahead?
The loonie has been one of the weakest currencies against the buck this week. The pair has been affected by everything from risk aversion flows to NAFTA concerns to capital outflows.
Success In Trading Depends On These Two Completely Different Factors
Success in trading depends on two completely independent factors -- good habits and good systems.
Three Trading Tactics That Get You Results
Each of these domains is a never-ending process of refinement and experimentation.
1 to 16 of 65 Posts
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