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BOB HOYE - Exceptional Speculations

Date: Thursday, December 28, 2017 5:38 PM EST



Exceptional Speculations

As we have been noting in these pages as well as in many interviews, the Bitcoin/Blockchain
phenomenon could become the mechanism that can meet the eventual public demand for
sound money. One that cannot be corrupted by even the most charismatic of economists. Or
the most compelling of federal budget failures. This will be a vehicle of relatively constant
purchasing power.

As the gold standard has been when used.

In the meantime, Bitcoin has become one of the great speculations in history. These have
concluded in going “straight up” until participants exhaust themselves. Typically, this pushes
up short-dated market rates of interest. Since the decline to 1.00% in August, the US T-Bill
yield has increased by almost 40 percentage points to 1.39%.

A widely circulated chart shows that the Bitcoin rise is the greatest since “Tulips” in 1637.
We have reviewed that example and would not attempt to put together a representative price
chart on tulips.

As the South Sea Bubble became irresistible in the first half of 1720, the British government
noticed the soaring number of “new issues” and passed the “Bubble Act” in June. But it was
too late, too much money was flowing into other stocks and the South Sea Company lost
momentum in that fateful June.

Today’s leading Bitcoin stocks do not enjoy government protection and the number of new
names are soaring. Potentially diffusing the buying power and enthusiasm.

On December 11, The ChartWorks contrasted the action in Bitcoin and Qualcomm in 1999.
This compared one “stock” against one entity now. Depending upon the lows, QCOM made
gains of 42 times and 250 times. The correction in the fall was to 18 and the high was 77, on
January 3rd , 2000. On a similar time-frame, Bitcoin jumped from 601 to 3523.
Percent gains in the Bitcoin play are huge.

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