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William Moore’s commodity career unwittingly began when he was 5 years old, spending his summers working for his family farm near Quincy, IL.

Bill attended Cornell University, graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering and then studied at the University of Chicago for his MBA. ... more

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Ag Master Report -Tuesday, April 27
When you combine a “flash drought” in Brazil with cold, dry climes in the central US and throw in 6 year-low ending stocks – both here in the US & globally, you have the recipe for an explosive upside market.
AgMaster Report - Thursday, April 8
The USDA has a bent toward “surprise reports” and their latest offering on Mar 31 the Acreage & Quality Stocks – was no exception.
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, March 3
May Corn has drifted into a sideways trading pattern. The upside is limited by waning exports as S/A supplies – newly on-line and cheaper than the US – have encroached on our export share.
AgMaster Report - Thursday, Jan. 21
Even more impressive than March Corn’s stunning $2.00 rally since Mid-Aug was its ability to do so without any help from domestic ethanol demand – which has been all but shut off due to COVID.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, Jan. 5
In an impressive display of stand-alone strength, February Hogs shrugged off the $3.00 drop in February Cattle to gain over $1.00 – matching 9-month highs.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, Dec. 29
March Wheat has lost 30 cents in the past trading days as it corrected an overbought condition – after spillover strength from the bean/corn rally and the Argentine dock strike had rallied the market to its October highs.
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, Dec. 23
Whereas beans are clearly the upside leader, March Corn has been no slouch.
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, Dec. 2
With a confluence of month-end machinations, January Beans repeated inability to breach the $12.00 mark
Ag Master Report -Tuesday, Nov.24
December wheat doesn’t have the supply/demand fundamentals on its own to rally – but with the help a weak US Dollar & Corn/Bean strength, it can muster some upside!
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, Sept. 23
Nov Beans were long overdue for a significant correction after a nearly vertical $1.80 ascent (8.65 – 10.45) since the August WADSE Report.
Ag Master Report - Thursday, Sept. 10
Because of the timing of the flash drought – occurring in August during soybeans critical pod-setting period, November Beans have been the upside leader with their $1.10 rally with December Corn being a follower with a $.45 cent.
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, Aug. 12
Corn doesn’t have many friends out there – certainly not the China Demand that beans enjoy – and domestically ethanol consumption has waned as the economic recovery has stalled out due to the COVID resurgence.
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, July 29
A plethora of negative fundamentals jumped on the September wheat contract in the past two days forcing a 25 cent sell-off.
Ag Master Report - Monday, July 13
Impressively in the last two trading days, Sept Wheat has not followed Sept Corn & Beans lower – holding steady while Corn & Beans have lost 20-25 cents off bearish weather.
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, July 1
July Wheat along with July Beans rode the Corn Acreage Shocker delivered by the USDA Tuesday – registering double-digit gains.
Ag Master Report - Tuesday, June 23
The July Corn contract managed to close 2 cents higher last week despite very favorable weather with gd/ex crop ratings in the mid-’70s. However, today the market is succumbing to benign growing conditions.
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