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William Moore’s commodity career unwittingly began when he was 5 years old, spending his summers working for his family farm near Quincy, IL. Bill attended Cornell University, graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering and then studied at the University of Chicago for his MBA. Soon after ...more

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AgMaster Report - Wednesday, May 22
When it takes a mkt only two days rally to recapture what it lost in five, that speaks volumes about its underlying strength – and that indeed encapsulates July Wheat.
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, May 15
In the past month, June Cattle has been between a rock and a hard place – maintaining a tight trading range.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, May 7
June Hogs have been a virtual “train wreck” the past 2 weeks dropping $10 (108-98) due to several factors.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, April 23
July beans rode the short-covering wave that engulfed grains today as harvest is nearly complete in Brazil and dryness persists in Argentina.
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, April 17
For the past 6 weeks, July Corn has been locked in a tight 20-cent range (440-460).
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, April 3
For the past month, May Wheat has been locked in a tight trading pattern (530-570).
AgMaster Report - Monday, March 18
Much like its sister mkt May Corn, May Bean is also consolidating its recent 90-cent rally since the end of February.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, March, 12
April Hogs are not blessed with the bullish fundamentals of its “sister market” April Cattle – whose very tight supplies continually underpin the market.
AgMaster Report - Monday, Feb. 5
March Beans started the week out down 10 cents off Argentine rains and a stronger US Dollar but quickly reversed higher for a 15-cent rally interday – due to strong exports.
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, Jan. 31
March Corn is deriving strength from questionable S/A crops, recent economic stimuli in China and a positive Macro environment.
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, Jan. 17
The USDA raised production, yield and carry-out in corn to 15.342BB, 177.3 & 2.162mb.
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, Jan. 3
March Corn broke through the 470 support level yesterday – in sympathy with a plummeting bean market which was pressured by Brazilian rain.
AgMaster Report - Thursday, Dec. 28
Holiday markets are in full swing – plus a lot of evening up in front of the month-end, quarter-end and year-end this Friday.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, Dec. 19
For the past five months, March Corn has been confined to a 45-cent range (475-520) – with a substantial 15.1 BB harvest and ample supplies providing the headwinds and a falling US Dollar.
AgMaster Report - Thursday, Dec. 14
March Corn has been confined to a tight trading range for several months – even with fundamentals suggesting an uptrend.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, Dec. 5
March Corn has been able to detach itself from a slumping bean mkt – scoring 20 cents of gains in the past 4 trading days while Jan Beans have lost 40 cents.
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