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Bill Bonner founded Agora Inc. in 1978. It has grown into one of the largest independent newsletter publishing companies in the world. In 1999, along with Addison Wiggin, Bill founded The Daily Reckoning. Today, this daily e-letter reaches over 500,000 readers around the globe.

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America’s Wealth Gap Grows In The Post-COVID-19, K-Shaped Economic Recovery
With the coming of the COVID Lockdowns, the slowdown turned into almost a complete stop. And the jobs most affected were those in the service sector.
What The U.S. Looks Like Six Months After The COVID-19 Emergency
Tesla fell 21% yesterday… leading the market down. Even Zoom dropped nearly 5%.
The Federal Reserve’s Counterfeit, Printing-Press Money Will Create A Counterfeit COVID-19 Recovery
The money the wealthy don’t spend is the money the non-wealthy don’t earn… so they don’t spend it, either. And it’s also the money that doesn’t show up in GDP statistics.
The Legal Kind Of Counterfeit Money
Fake money makes it possible to do things that really don’t make much sense. It is like a powerful drug that anesthetizes the brain while arousing base emotions.
The Market Is Rewarding Foolish Investors
There must have been a full moon… a lunatic new high in the Nasdaq… and an all-time monthly record in federal deficits. If monthly deficits were to continue at June’s rate, the deficit for the year would be a sizzling $7.6 trillion.
The American Empire Continues Its Decline
In June, the feds spent nearly 5 TIMES as much as they received in revenues – $242 billion in tax receipts versus $1,105 billion (that’s billion with a capital T) in outlays.
The U.S.’s Monumental 21st Century Mistakes
Gold – America’s capital industries are worth barely a third of what they were worth 20 years ago. Yesterday, we saw why the U.S. dollar, upon which the whole empire rests, will soon avalanche down, too.
The Heart Of The Nation’s Corrupt Money System
Where does all this money-printing lead? What happens when the T-Bird gets taken away?
Coronavirus Shutdown Could Cause Massive Small Business Casualties
The authorities may or may not have “flattened the curve” of the Coronavirus. But they’ve surely squashed the U.S. economy. Today, we scrape it up off the pavement to see how flat it is.
Don’t Bet On America
Buffett famously said to never bet against America.and throughout most of the 20th century, that proved true. But times have changed...
"Hidden" Inflation Isn’t Really Hiding At All
America’s Inflationary Era got underway on August 15, 1971, when the U.S. introduced a new currency, not backed by gold or anything else. This was the First Phase, from ’71 to ’81 when inflation went into consumer prices. Consumers didn’t like it.
The Federal Government Has Devalued The Dollar Since 1971
People thought the switch to a new buck in 1971 was just a “technical” move. Still do. But there was a big difference.
Debt And Inflation Are Bringing The Economy Down
At 4.6% of GDP, the U.S. deficit is already bigger than the deficit-to-GDP of Italy (2.2%) and France (3.1%). Argentina has a larger deficit, 5.4%… but the U.S. is catching up fast.
Printing More Money Could Lead To Financial Calamity
The idea – given to us by David Graeber, Elizabeth Warren, Thomas Piketty, and a whole cast of MMT enthusiasts and half-wit hallucinators – is that money really does grow on trees.
Central Banks Create Money Out Of Nowhere
During the British election of 2017, Theresa May famously said: “there is no magic money tree.” But both the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government are shaking the hell out of something…
All Aboard The DebtBall Express
Stocks are chugging along, with the Dow nudging back to nearly 26,000. But the economy seems to be giving way beneath them.
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