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Doug Wakefield, President of Best Minds, Inc. has been in the financial industry for 30 years. Doug received his CFP in 1988, his Masters in Estate Planning in 1997. As of October 31, 2007 the choice was made to relinquish his CFP ... more


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The United Floor In Stocks
If you have pondered how stock markets could act like they were totally ignoring everything that has happened since the first of the year, let me share a few thoughts and pictures with you.
Did The Stock Bubble Just Pop?
We are in a massive financial bubble that today may have finally popped, even with all the “help” from central planners of market manipulation.
When The Computer Herds Hit The Exits
Cycles have been around for centuries. No amount of market intervention and “assistance” will delay the cracking of a debt bubble forever.
The Trillion Dollar Stock Question
The last full week of July has presented us with three possible candidates for the trillion-dollar circle; the pinnacle of stock market mountain.
Removing Fuel From A Rally On Fire
The 1,100 point drop in the Dow should wake us up. We should seek to understand how debt at the global level could change our own lives.
When The Snowball Reverses
The snowball becomes heavier with every “we are in control” press release from our financial gods. Yet the experience in US stock indices since December 2016 has planted a false idea in investors mind.
The Top Of The Wealth Effect
The Dow reaches 22,000 this month, proving the “wealth effect” has worked…right?
19,20,21….Faster, Faster
Aren’t you glad that the Dow leaped to 21,000 yesterday. I mean, just three weeks ago its low for the day was 20,015. In fact, on November 22, 2016 the Dow crossed 19,000 for the first time.
Populism: The Danger? What About Debt?
One thing is for certain, whether populist or globalist. In ignoring rising risk for so long, the tens of trillions lost in capital during the next bust phase is not going to be popular.
When Lightning Strikes Our Money
Dow futures opened up almost 200 points, yet the outcome of the election would not be known for two more days. What "good news" powered this excitement?
The Central Bankers Experiment: The Great Bust
Markets are more powerful than central bankers, who, I believe, grasp this more and more as time goes on.
All Is Calm, All Is Not Right
With every passing year since 2008, support for the idea of free markets and open competition without constant intervention by central banks has been declining. Take, for instance, today.
EC The Soaring Risk Of Flying In Bernanke’s Helicopter
Although the term ‘helicopter money’ is very frequently used in economics, it is doubtful whether such a policy will bring the results people really want.
Thinking Upside Down; Dow 18k Still Key
Anyone looking at various charts and statistics can see that the global economy has slowed, individual markets have been deflating, and more QE has not stopped this trend.
EC When Rare Market Data Screams, Listen
Are US stocks going up or down next week? Is the euro or pound trending up or down? What trends do we see in corporate earnings, employment numbers, trade deficits, and GDP numbers?
Central Planners Versus Contrarian Logic
For every action by the natural forces of the global economy from too much debt and assistance, more debt and assistance is applied to stop an opposite reaction.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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