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Equality Of Consumption Is Not The Ultimate Justice

Date: Monday, November 18, 2019 5:20 AM EDT

Equal distribution and possession of material things is not the ultimate justice despite the human tendency to believe propaganda that's repeated often enough. Here's why.

Reality is not kind to artificially contrived schemes devised to benefit those whose aim is control and power over masses of human beings, and their record of failure is painful testimony.Schemers can be Utopians or despots.They can be honest and sincere or they can be crooks, but Schemer's schemes ultimately fail because they ignore--innocently or on purpose-- Life.'s fundamental truth.

It doesn't matter if the Schemer is Capitalist, or Communist.It doesn't matter if the Schemer is Dictator or President or Social Warrior or Senator.If their scheme is a one-sided one--one that sees and allows no reality other than the sensory one of the Third Dimension--it simply cannot succeed no matter how much money, time, and effort are forced into it.

A comprehensive, objective, and honest appraisal of Reality establishes that there's more to Life than the casual observer sees...more than the Schemer with an agenda accounts for.Reality contains elements of life that a materialistic observer will not appreciate or factor into his or her scheme.

Schemers don't want to call anybody's attention to Reality's fullness.Partial reality--materialism--with it's opposites and limitations, suits their purposes to a T.The opposites and the limitations of the Third Dimension are what they emphasize and exploit, and that's

all they want people to see.In this sense Schemers have a lot in common with magicians whose success depends on getting people to see only what they want them to see.

There is one single, indispensable, and creative element of Reality that enters into everything...and it's the one thing ignored or overlooked by all Schemers.That element is Mind...invisible, intangible, creative Mind.

Mind gives humans every advantage.That's because Mind works in shaping, forming, and manipulating things whether they are visible or invisible, tangible or intangible, material or immaterial. 

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Susan Miller 10 months ago Member's comment

Very thought provoking, thanks.