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Benjamin Rains is a stock strategist for Zacks Investment Research where he writes financial news and editorial content on the stock market. He also hosts and creates content for his own weekly podcast about the intersection of sports and business. His work has appeared on TalkMarkets, Yahoo ...more


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2 Top S&P 500 Stocks To Buy On The Dip For Big 2024 Gains
Today we look at two highly-ranked S&P 500 stocks that are in the red in 2023. Both stocks are also part of industries that might be poised for comebacks in 2024 as investors start putting money into every sector, not just technology.
3 Highly-Ranked Tech Stocks To Buy Now For Long-Term Upside
Here are three tech stocks that investors might want to buy now for long-term upside as they prepare to report quarterly earnings.
Time To Finally Buy These 3 Beaten-Down Tech Stocks Before Earnings?
Investors might want to think about acting on Warren Buffett's quote about being greedy when others are fearful.
Big Tech Earnings: Time To Buy Microsoft, Amazon, And Meta Stock?
Amazon shares are up 610% in the last decade vs. the S&P 500’s 150%. More recently, Amazon has climbed 53% YTD.
Unlocking Long-term Value: 3 S&P 500 Stocks To Buy Now On The Dip
Today’s episode of Full Court Finance at Zacks explores the stock market as the bulls and bears fight for control in the early weeks of September.
Highly-Ranked Growth Tech Stocks To Buy And Hold As The Bulls Fight Back
Technology stocks drive the market, with the last several years serving as an excellent example.
Meta And Amazon Earnings: Time To Buy These Beaten-Down Tech Stocks?
Amazon’s growth is slowing, but it is still projected to expand its top line by roughly 9% in FY22 and Y23, which is no easy task for a firm set to pull in $510 billion in revenue in fiscal 2022.
3 Great Stocks To Buy In 2023 And Hold Forever
Investors thinking about five or 10 years from now don’t need to time the market. Instead, they should consider adding strong, proven stocks with solid balance sheets and great long-term outlooks amid the negative sentiment.
Is Netflix A Value Stock Ahead Of Earnings?
Even though it faces challenges and a slowdown in growth, NFLX is still expected to lift its revenue from roughly $30 billion in 2021 to $35 billion in 2023.
2 Dividend Stocks To Buy Before Earnings And Hold
The market shifted its focus back to soaring inflation and the Fed’s response last week. Consumer prices climbed to another 40-year high in March of 8.5%, driven by energy, food, and more.
Buy This Tech Stock Down 50% Before Earnings For Huge Upside?
The up and down day followed fresh data that U.S. inflation surged to another four-decade high of 8.5% in March. Buyers then stepped in on Wednesday, with the Nasdaq up 1.9% and the S&P 500 1.0% higher through mid-afternoon trading.
2 Must-Own Tech Stocks To Buy Now At Deep Discounts
Investors with long-term horizons might want to consider buying Micronand Microsoft right now at rather significant discounts and holding despite the possibility of continued volatility.
3 Stocks To Buy On The Dip Amid The Market Selloff
The brutal start to 2022 tracks alongside lingering Covid worries and soaring prices, and the corresponding fears about higher interest rates.
3 Top-Ranked Cheap Stocks To Buy To Start 2022
The market in 2022 began right where it left off. Tech stocks pulled back on Tuesday, but the Santa Claus rally helped Wall Street and brought confidence at the start of the new year.
3 Tech Stocks To Buy For The At-Home Economy And Beyond
The overall third quarter earnings picture for the S&P 500 continues to improve, and the tech sector is by far the largest contributor.
Buy Amazon And Netflix Stock Ahead Of Q3 Earnings?
The market posted its best week in months last week and followed that up with another strong showing on Monday. The S&P 500 now up over 4% in the last month, as it regains momentum from its early September drop.
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