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Ben Strubel manages personal, business, and retirement accounts as well as offering financial planning services through his firm Strubel Investment Management, LLC. Mr. Strubel earned a Master’s in Business Administration in Investment Management from Drexel University’s LeBow College ...more


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Keeping Things In Context
It’s always important to view data in context. This is especially true with recent economic data as things have been normalizing after COVID-related extremes.
The Benefits Of Diversification
There are different approaches to diversification in the investment world.
No Recession On The Horizon
Growth may slow but not enough to cause a recession or a huge stock market drop.
The Retirement Challenge Facing High Salaried Workers
When doing retirement planning for high salaried individuals, especially legal and medical professionals, all too often I see them not begin saving for retirement early enough and not putting enough away when larger paychecks start rolling in.
How Should We Think About Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is most certainly not an investment. Investments can be valued based on a current or expected cash flow stream. Since Bitcoin is not an investment we must then analyze it as a form of payment or currency.
How Much Should I Be Saving For Retirement?
The new year is almost here and for a lot people a good New Year’s Resolution would be to start saving (more) for retirement. I frequently get asked “How much should I be saving for retirement?” The short answer: as much as you can.
Pace Of Cord Cutting Slowing Down?
According to a survey of 1200 consumers, PwC found that 84% expected to subscribe to cable TV in the coming year compared to 70% in the same survey last year.
Is The Trump Rally Real?
The market is acting like it is almost a certainty that the administration will follow through with it’s promise to enact substantial corporate and individual tax cuts along with a large (or perhaps “bigly”) infrastructure spending bill.
How The Brexit Was Like Riding An ATV
What in the Sam Hill are you doing owning European financials? The EU is an absolute mess.
More On China (Again!)
The first thing people need to understand is that China’s stock market does not represent or correlate to anything other than China’s dysfunction.
The Media Stock Meltdown
In my opinion the media companies will do fine in the new landscape, they are the ones that produce the content that consumers want to watch
IPhone Upgrade Cycle Risk At Apple
In the last fiscal year the iPhone accounted for 55.8% of Apple’s revenue. Now, more than ever, Apple is heavily dependent on the success of the iPhone. So what would the bear case be for Apple?
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