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Bruce Wilds is a general contractor that owns real estate in the Midwest, his holdings include apartments and office complexes. He is anchored to reality and the economy as he maintains, designs, and leases buildings. This has made him keenly aware of rapidly changing lifestyles, this blog ...more


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What Data Should Investors Believe? It Is All Skewed
Where are these "consumers are confident" stories coming from? Recent Michigan consumer confidence numbers are up. This comes at a time when the New York Fed's Empire PMI kicked off the January data cycle by plunging.
Economic Transition Should Be A Natural Progression
This piece looks at the natural transition and progression in the economy that takes place when allowed. It is important to revisit this concept of economic evolution to understand what may be the best path going forward.
Stimulus Can Flow From Monetary Or Fiscal Policy
Likely, stimulating the economy through monetary policy and stimulus from fiscal spending have different long-term implications for inflation. 
Defined Pension Plans Have Put Many Workers At Risk
Over the years, we have seen a tremendous shift in risk from companies offering pensions to workers in the private sector.
The Nature Of Government Bureaucracies Is To Expand
Across the world governments are broke and they won't stop spending. Expansion into all sectors of the economy has become a thing.
The Devastating Impact Of The Reverse Wealth Effect
Most people find that the pain of losing wealth exceeds the joy they get from gaining. While consumers may feel more financially secure and spend more freely, the reverse can also be true. Get ready for the "reverse wealth effect" to kick in.
Japan's Future Remains An Issue Of Debate
The debate over the future of Japan continues. This is a complicated and interesting issue. Because of its small footprint, we often forget the oversized role Japan plays in the global economy.
Stocks Soar On Slowing Fundamentals, An Overreaction
Stocks soaring on slowing fundamentals is an overreaction that can be explained in many ways. Market moves like we recently saw do not always make a trend or confirm a turning point, but they do take pressure off markets being overbought or oversold.
Lulled Into Complacency Again? Yes, It Happens
With all the problems that currently exist, we still find that many investors are adopting the notion a soft landing may be in our economic future.
China Could Derail Japan's Fragile Recovery
While a country's currency and economy are not the same animals, one does affect the other. Considering the close ties noted above, it is not unreasonable to think that debt defaults in China could take a toll on Japan.
Japan's Yen, Where It Goes From Here
Betting the yen will collapse in value against the dollar because of Japan's massive debt has over the years become known as a widow makers trade.
National Debt Now More Than 33 Trillion And Soaring
With America's national debt now blowing past 33 trillion dollars, it is important to keep the numbers in perspective.
The Hard Asset Inflation/Paper Asset Deflation Theory
The 'Hard Asset Inflation/Paper Asset Deflation Theory' is based on the idea that as wealthy individuals begin to realize the fragility of the current financial system, they will shift their investment preferences to items of substance.
The Hidden Tax Of This And That
Life is full of hidden taxes. Governments, banks, and businesses all benefit from taking advantage of us by shifting costs and then nibbling away at us. This often occurs when we are distracted by a larger attack on us coming from another direction.
Volatility Ahead, Deflation, Then Inflation, Equals Inflation
Deflation followed by inflation still amounts to inflation in the long run. This means when liquidity dries up the value is gone and you must have the staying power to ride things out.
A Global Inflationary Depression Is Very Possible
We have been lulled into complacency and have given central banks too much credit for being able to control the economy and stop financial crises. The first global inflationary depression may not start today or tomorrow but it is coming.
1 to 16 of 96 Posts
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