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Bruce Wilds is a general contractor that owns real estate in the Midwest, his holdings include apartments and office complexes. He is anchored to reality and the economy as he maintains, designs, and leases buildings. This has made him keenly aware of rapidly changing lifestyles, this blog ... more

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Is This Why Tesla Just Plunged?
21 days ago

It could be Tesla's massive overvaluation is finally catching up to it. The idea Electric vehicles are less damaging to the environment has been broadly accepted by many people as fact. It is possible people are beginning to question all this hype.

The notion EVs are good for the planet is a key factor for many of those deciding to buy an electric car. The article below argues they are, mostly not, in fact, they have the potential to cause more harm than good.

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Can Joe Biden ‘Heal’ The United States?
2 months ago

When it comes to the election, a great number of people are angry and pissed off over various issues. Some Americans are hanging on to the hope that Trump may still prevail. Expect a huge spike in emotions when the reality hits those that are wrong. The article below focuses on this subject.

The Shocking Growth In America's National Deficit
3 months ago

It is well worth your time to explore the National Debt Clock by clicking on the line below the image. In the upper right area of the clock is a "time machine" that allows you to travel back and compare how these figures have changed.

US GDP Analysis: No V-Shaped Recovery Despite 33.1% Leap, COVID Looms Over Markets
4 months ago

Nobody predicted anything like our current economic situation. As money continues to be created out of thin air we are witnessing bailouts and crony capitalism on full display. Another factor playing into this circus is both Presidential candidates are engaged in a full-court press to buy the votes of Americans. The article below makes the case our "bizarre economy" is an illusion based on spending.

A Dismantled Post Office Destroys More Than Mail Service
6 months ago

For over ten years the GAO has designated the USPS as "high-risk." This term is used to describe an agency or department that is vulnerable to waste, mismanagement, and in need of reform. This is why the GAO has called on Congress to reevaluate all aspects of the Postal Service's operations.

To be clear, this is an institution that cannot even bring itself to drop Saturday delivery. With this in mind, how can we expect it to look at more radical changes? The current issue before us extends far past mail-in voting. More on this subject below.

The Difference Between Good Economics And Bad
7 months ago

It is only massive and unsustainable deficit spending that continues driving our economy forward. The bottom-line is that we are in the midst of a "false economy" and it is only by the grace of this huge deficit spending that we are not languishing at the bottom of a deep economic pit.

Today late cycle indicators are on the rise, moderating growth, tightening credit, declining earnings, the peak of consumer confidence, rising inflation and more. Deficit spending is not a silver bullet without consequences and with each step forward we get closer to the end of the road.

This is why investors would be wise not to accept America's recent GDP as verification the economy is hitting on all cylinders. The article below argues government spending is a poor substitute for the free market in allocating capital to where it is most effective and it is not economic growth but simply a method of borrowing from the future.

The Dollar’s Value Under Pressure
7 months ago

We are seeing rising interest in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Several factors are driving this trend. One is the idea governments have targeted cash and wish to move us towards a "cashless" society where they control our every move. Another is rooted in the idea inflation is about to raise its ugly head as currencies are debased.

Most likely the dollar will be around for a while yet and could be about to strengthen. More on the state of currencies in the article below.

The Real Trade War
1 year ago

China is busy cutting a path forward even with much of the world is in economic turmoil. Despite economic problems popping up in countries across the world, China is hellbent on pursuing its goal of galvanizing itself as the leading global power.

The Chinese are rapidly expanding China's One Belt One Road initiative into new areas using a scheme of promising loans and investments to countries struggling economically. More on the implications of China's direction and why it may fail in the article below.

GDP-B Doesn’t Cut It Either
1 year ago

In the last 30 years, a growing gap has become obvious between government reporting of inflation, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), and the perceptions of actual inflation held by the general public. The numbers government pumps out today are the result of changes made in the 1990s when political Washington moved to change the nature of the CPI.

The cuts in reported inflation were an effort to reduce the federal deficit without anyone in Congress having to do the politically impossible which was to register a vote that would harm the image of Social Security. I further contend that inflation would be much greater if more money was flowing into tangible goods rather than paper investments and promises. For proof as to the real cost of inflation just look at the surging replacement cost resulting from recent storms and natural disasters. The article below delves into this issue.

Don’t Be Euphoric Over Two Months Of Gains
2 years ago

Optimism that a new trade deal will occur between America and China has driven stock markets higher even as data continues to emerge confirming economies across the world continue to slow. It seems much of the current market fervor is based on optimism and hope falls into the category of "irrational exuberance" a term that Allen Greenspan has in the past used to describe unbridled enthusiasm. More on the realities being ignored in the following article.

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