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Is That It?
For well over a month, we have been looking for the market to tip its hand and provide us a more appropriate 2nd wave pullback.
Bull Markets Do Bull Things
When the ES/SPX failed to follow through in a larger wave [2] potential set up today, it brings me back to an old saying about the market: When the market does not follow through on a set-up, it is often telling you something quite clear.
Have You Felt Like A 'Genius' In This Bull Market Or Have You Felt Lost?
An old adage says "everyone is a genius in a bull market." What that really means is that as long as you keep looking to the long side in a bull market, you will be seen as a genius. So, how do you know when a bull market is coming to an end?
Is This A Big Fakeout?
For now, I am still looking for a bigger downside reaction in this larger 4th wave.
Nothing Can Stop This Market - Except?
My primary expectation is for the market to now provide us a c-wave drop in the coming weeks to complete a larger degree wave (iv).
Is It A Bull Market Or Bear Market In Metals?
Over the last few weeks, the bearish voices have become quite vociferous in their proclamation that the bear market has returned.
Are You Done Looking For A Stock Market Top?
After the market bottomed at the 2330SPX support we noted weeks ago, it has continued higher towards our ideal target at 2410SPX on Friday, after spending the week in a sideways consolidation.
We Are Approaching Another Bottoming In Metals/Miners
I think we are approaching a bottoming in the miners and metals, but we still have a few “squiggles” likely to be seen to the downside before we are done.
If You Sell In May, Be Prepared To Buy Back What You Sell
Since holding the support we noted several weeks ago at 2330SXPX, the market has seen quite a powerful move back up to the target we set between 2380 and 2410SPX.
Market Thoughts And Forecast From The Legendary Robert Prechter
In a recent interview I conducted with the legendary market technician Robert Prechter, he offered some very interesting insights into how he views today's market, along with his perspective on socionomics.
The Complex Is Not In Alignment Yet
With the break-out over the prior week’s high, we now have structures in gold and silver off the March lows which can be considered strongly impulsive.
Beware Of Delusional Market Timers
The market has been tracing out a b-wave within a corrective 4th wave structure. This is the most variable segment within Elliott's 5 wave structure, and typically acts just as we have seen over the last few weeks.
It May Take More Time For A True Breakout
I have read in many places on the Internet that the metals have certainly broken out. But, as you know, I am not quite convinced. Now, that does not mean I am bearish. It just means I still think there could be more downside first.
Something Very Important Is Finally Happening In The Stock Market
I would strongly suggest that you consider using any pullback in the market as a buying opportunity until we hit the 2500SPX region.
Please Don't Shoot The Messenger, But You Still Need To Understand This Message
The mechanical exogenous causation perspective is so deeply ingrained into the minds of investors, many attempt to "reason" that while sentiment may drive the market, news and fundamentals drive sentiment. Nothing can be further from the truth.
Do Stock Market Fundamentals Matter Yet - Or Ever?
The market has finally followed through on the pullback we were expecting to the 2335SPX region from 2400 as we have outlined. The structure of the market over the coming week will likely tell us when the next 200-point rally to 2500SPX takes hold.
1 to 16 of 63 Posts
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