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I have spent the over 40 years trading stocks, options, futures on and off the trading floor. My nickname, "Slim" came from my trading floor badge, SLM. Currently, I'm an on-air host providing daily analysis and commentary on the financial markets and Coaching/Consulting for Hedge ... more


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AskSlim Market Week, Dec. 13
The stock market continued to surge to new highs as two big news items came out.
AskSlim Market Week, Dec. 7
The stock market was mixed last week, with pretty wide swings, with most of the week dominated by trade talk and the week ended with the jobs report.
AskSlim Market Week, Nov. 29
What might happen in the financial markets next week, and what did happen last week. One focus is natural gas.
AskSlim Market Week, Nov. 22
The stock market edged lower last week as got stretched out gains brought investor caution. The week was once again dominated by headlines on trade deals and retailers Home Depot and Kohl's reported disappointing earnings.
AskSlim Market Week, Nov. 15
Looking at what happened in the financial markets over the past week, and expectations for the coming week.
AskSlim Market Week, Nov. 8
Looking back at a week that started hot and slowly cooled for stocks, and was bad for bonds. What does next week have in store?
AskSlim Market Week, Nov. 1
A look back over the week and forward into the next; continuing to look for the Russell to overperform.
AskSlim Market Week, Oct. 12
Investors had a rock and roll week with markets moving up and down wildly on trade deal headlines, news on Chinese companies and the Federal Reserve buying bills and changing the yield curve.
AskSlim Market Week, Oct 5
The market was mixed this week and trended downward thanks to the ISM numbers and Schwab cutting commissions to zero- dropping the brokers sharply.
AskSlim Market Week, Sept. 28
The market was modestly lower for the week with a full plate of negative news to digest, including the commencement of president's impeachment inquiry and on Friday, markewts were stunned by Trump's idea of delisting Chinese stocks in the U.S.
AskSlim Market Week, Sept. 14
The stock market powered ahead last week as a very hot trade war cooled. The tiniest whiff of positive news on trade and tariffs lifts the market. But money managers are moving from growth to value.
AskSlim Market Week, Sept. 7
China moved the markets all week, and everything else was just nose, with headlines coming out daily helping the market move up.
AskSlim Market Week, Aug. 24
What might happen next week and what did happen this week, paying some attention to trade war news.
AskSlim Market Week, Aug. 17
Looking back on the week, with ideas and caveats for next week. Plus best and worst stocks.
AskSlim Market Week, Aug. 10
Markets moved sharply lower early in the week as a trade war suddenly became a currency war and traders and investors became jittery.
AskSlim Market Week - Friday, July 26
Looking back at the week we just concluded, and forward into next week's markets.
1 to 16 of 195 Posts
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