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Crocodile Tears
Numerous Americans have found themselves ensnared in analogous predicaments while seeking medical attention. The opacity surrounding healthcare pricing makes it difficult for patients to ascertain the cost of their care upfront.
US Affordable Rental Housing, Makes Sense? Or Not Working As Intended
This report dropped into my email box a day or so ago. It hits upon a topic which has plagued big cities since before I was a child. Early-on in Chicago, urban renewal was the thought to be the right idea and the wrong concept.
Tax The Rich!
I was a graduate student in a STEM program when Reagan was elected and the Laffer curve was used to justify tax cuts.
Trends In Electric Cars - A Global EV Outlook 2024
The rapid uptake of electric vehicles – not just cars – is projected to avoid the need for more than 10 million barrels of oil per day in 2035.
Turning Retirement Accounts For The Middle Class Into A $5 Billion Tax-Free Piggy Bank
For retirees over 65, each year a certain amount of our retirement funds has to be withdrawn and become income. So how do the rich avoid this to maximize their wealth?
Why Isn’t The USA In A Recession ?
Briefly, high interest rates can cause a recession by causing an appreciation of the national currency which causes a sharp decline in net exports.
Joe Biden’s Roll Out Of A New Student Loan Forgiveness Plan
The Biden administration will soon roll out a new student loan forgiveness proposal that could impact millions of Americans. For years, Joe Biden has been against Student Loan forgiveness. Now he is seeking forgiveness of student loans.
You Can't Fool Mother Nature
Nature doesn’t care if you believe in climate change. And the people who make money by anticipating risk don’t care either.
Death Of The 6% Commission
Apparently, the National Association of Realtors has agreed to eliminate rules on commissions.
Getting The Truth On Medicare Advantage Plans Vs. Traditional Medicare
The original idea behind Medicare Advantage was not a bad one. It was to give beneficiaries the choice to have what I call good, responsible managed care if they wanted it, but not require them to have it or trap them into it.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Is Going After Debt Resulting From Healthcare
The U.S. healthcare system has turned tens of millions of Americans into debtors. The CFPB is doing its share of policing mortgage brokers, student loan companies, and banks, and more recently hospitals, nursing homes, and financing companies.
Who Do You Work For?
Economists assume that people work for themselves first, i.e., accepting payment (extrinsic motivation) to do something they would not do if they were not paid.
Not, Thinking About Money
It’s tempting to abolish the word entirely. J.W. Mason offers a bang-up post on economists’ thinking about money, how economists have thought and talked about it over decades and centuries.
High Corporate Profits Are/Were A Main Driver Of Ongoing Inflation
It appears like someone is waking up to a reality. When they can, corporations will take advantage of an economic event to increase margins resulting in increasing profits. They will call up and say they are increasing prices, take it or leave it.
Mississippi Lacks Resources, Says No To A Federally Funded Child Food Program
Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves takes on a cut back on food for kids by not accepting a fully funded program.
Soft Landing II
I promised a second entry in the series, Soft Landing this time it’s monetary. The question is why didn’t the FED’s monetary tightening cause a recession. There certainly was tightening, the Federal Funds rate rose from 0.07% to 5.33%
1 to 16 of 767 Posts
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