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Understanding Inflation Using Gasoline Prices
Seems that gas, fuel, and gasoline is being used as a marker to understand just how horrible we have it as a result of the current inflation.
Long Beach And Los Angeles Shipping Backlog Ends
The backup of container ships off Southern California’s coast that was at the heart of U.S. supply chain congestion during the Covid-19 pandemic has effectively disappeared.
A Stale Beveridge Debate
We have reached the stage in the business cycle when normally sensible economists are alarmed that the Beveridge curve has shifted up.
Are You Better Off Now Than During The 2008 Recession?
With all the inflation occurring from oil, supply chain issues, etc.; the question to ask is whether we are worse off than the 2008 collapse of Wall Street and the resulting recession.
World Crop Quick Update
Yields we’re in the dump, shipping is a challenge, fertilizer is a huge issue, but current supply has been binned or sold on contract to processors, crush operators, or ethanol producers.
Review: "The Future Is History"
The book, which mostly follows the lives of Russians born in the 1980s, helped refine my understanding of post-Soviet Russia.
Banking For The People
The current banking system in the United States and its fine and fee-heavy profit model is a barrier to economic entry and financial security for millions of individuals and families.
One Person’s Detailed History Of Paying Off A Student Loan
Mary Jacob explaining the student loan she paid off. This is a loan which had high balances due to miscalculations, etc. If I felt up to it, I could probably figure out how she ended up paying $16,000 in the end.
China And The Debt Crisis
China has taken a different position with regard to the debt of developing nations.
Pride, Chaos, And Kegs On Labor’s First ‘Day’
A bit of history leading up to the creation of Labor Day as a holiday, the first day of celebration, the politics, how it came to be, and the politics as told by Prof. Heather.
Student Loans
America is the land of equal opportunity. Well, yeah, truth be, your odds are little bit better if your parents can afford to send you to a good university. Other that, it’s even Stephen.
Will The Inflation Reduction Act Reduce Inflation?
Probably not, but it also will probably not increase it either. This is the judgment of the Congressional Budget Office and also the Penn Wharton Budget Model, as well as libertarian economist Tyler Cowen, who is critical of much of its content.
New Jobless Claims Decline For A (Recent) Change
For the last several months, there has has been nearly a relentless slow increase in new jobless claims. That trend broke, at least for this week.
The Semiconductor Bill And Moderna Billionaires
A lot has been said about building semiconductor manufacturing plants in the US. One plant grows the silicon wafers and the other plant fabricates (fabs) the semiconductors. The manufacture of semiconductors is not labor intensive.
The Global Financial Cycle And Emerging Market Economies
The Federal Reserve’s latest increase in its policy rate is a signal of its desire to reestablish its credibility after U.S. inflation rose to 8.6% in May, and a precursor of more hikes.
US Supreme Court Rebuffs United Healthcare Medicare Advantage
According to a 2016 federal audit, the government paid out about $16.2 billion that year based on unsupported diagnoses, nearly 10% of the total paid to Medicare Advantage insurers.
1 to 16 of 721 Posts
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