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Angelo Airaghi is a Commodity Trading Advisor, registered with the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He has been an active professional since 1990 working for major international financial companies. In the past 10 years, Angelo Airaghi has been an ... more

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EURUSD: Has The Market Bottomed?
The ECB is considering monetary tightening; The US is watching inflationary numbers; The euro has bounced off key support lines and might rise further in the coming months.
U.S. Stocks Are Reaching Crucial Highs
Since the bottom of 2010, the Dow Jones Industrial Index has risen more than 60% (high-low) without any important corrections.
The US Dollar Could Decline In 2016
The Fed will likely raise interest rates in December. Hikes should be gradual, while monetary policy will remain accommodative. What could happen to US stocks and the US dollar?
EUR/USD: Will It Decline Further Short-Term?
The Fed is holding rates steady, while Europe might increase its quantitative easing program. What will happen to the EUR/USD?
Fed's Decision Is Under The Lens
The U.S. Federal Reserve will meet this week to discuss rates. What could happen to U.S.stock markets?
Greece Says: “NO”!
The Greek referendum results could not have been clearer and louder. Greeks are fed up of years of poverty and broken promises, the latter mostly from local politicians. What could happen in the financial markets now?
Is The Eurozone Rebounding?
Its economy is improving and could strengthen by year-end. Germany continues as the leading force, while Spain is growing at double the pace of the European average. The secular US dollar uptrend is intact, but could temporarily lose steam in the second part of 2015.
2015: The US Dollar Can Rise Further
While the rest of the world is on the brink of recession, the US might increase interest rates, and the US dollar could continue its upward trend, which started in 2011, for 5–7 years.
The Federal Reserve Ends QE3
The latest data confirms that the US economy is improving, but it has not yet accelerated.
US Stocks Could Correct Short-Term
In the US, the job market showed another decrease in the pace of job creation. In Europe, economic growth remains subdued. The Federal Reserve should remain on the sidelines for now, and US stocks could correct short-term.
Short-Term Trading: --Mini S&P 500 Index September Futures
There is a divergence between the daily/weekly prices and the RSI indicators. Seasonal conditions favor a decline during the summer months. The market could decline to 1940/1920 provide the price does not rise above 2000.
EURUSD: Will It Rebound Short-Term
The ECB (European Central Bank) introduced a huge package of measures to inspire economic growth. EURUSD stays under pressure in the medium term, but could rebound to 1.37 short-term.
EUR/USD: The Upside Momentum Could Be Limited
Technical and fundamental factors seem to support EUR/USD falling to 1.36/1.32 over the medium term. Europe is recovering, but not so fast; U.S. unemployment still an issue.
US Dollar: Will It Increase Until Midyear?
The US will continue to unleash its bond-buying program, while Europe could cut rates again in the coming months. The US dollar might rise against major currencies until the middle of the year.
Short-term Trading: - US Dollar Index March Contract
There is a divergence between the daily price and the RSI indicator. Seasonal conditions do not support the US dollar in February. A move below 80.10 could target 79.70 provide the price does not rise above 80.70.
US Unemployment Rate: Will It Bottom Out In 2014?
After the Fed’s decision to start tapering of its asset purchases in January 2014, the U.S. dollar could increase its value against other major currencies. The study of cycles appears to anticipate the unemployment rate bottoming in 2014 or 2015 at the latest.
1 to 16 of 25 Posts
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