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Financial Analyst & Political Economist
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Anes Bukhdir assesses the world of finance through the lens of political dynamics and answers the questions "What happened?" and "Why did it happen?" through the complexity of external factors and political dynamics that affect the world of finance. At the intersection of politics and finance, he ...more

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The Dream Of Perfect Competition In The Stock Market
Exploring the ideal of a perfectly competitive stock market and the real-world challenges that prevent its realization.
Spot Market Reversals With The Gaussian Channel Indicator
A helpful guide to understand a complex term; The Gaussian Channel Indicator. The article helps identify market trends and reversals using moving averages and standard deviation bands around price movements.
Evening Star Candlestick Pattern Explained
Discover the Evening Star candlestick pattern, its significance, and see a real-life example from TSLA stock, to enhance your market prediction strategy.
The Post ETF Check: What Happens With ETH?
Discover the implications of the recent ETH ETF approval on Ethereum's market prospects.
Spotting The CME Gap: A Bitcoin Trader's Weekend Insight
Discover how the CME Gap impacts Bitcoin trading and learn strategies to spot and capitalize on these weekend price movements.
Common Pitfalls In Short-Term Trading And How To Avoid Them
Discover essential tips for successful short-term trading by learning from common and personal mistakes.
Exploring The 3 Prominent Crypto Trends Post Halving
Bitcoin halving events trigger market shifts & investor behavior. Explore post-halving trends & navigate the evolving crypto landscape for informed decisions.
The Long/Short Ratio In Crypto Trading
Gain insights into crypto market sentiment with the long/short ratio. Understand BTC example and make informed trading decisions.
Deciding When To Buy: Navigating Bitcoin Halving 2024
If you're uncertain about buying during the Halving, explore these concise forecasts for Halving 2024 with expert insights.
BTC Drops 66K: Understanding Crypto Market Corrections
Market corrections don't occur in isolation. Several factors contribute to their emergence, and understanding these dynamics is essential for investors.
Hedging In Forex: A Case Study
A simple guide for risk mitigation with forex hedging for safeguarding investments.
Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins, Not Your Bull Run
Protect your crypto assets with "Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins" mantra: own, secure, and stay informed for resilient investment strategies in bullish crypto market.
Bitcoin's Bull Run: Reading The Signals For A Potential Correction
With February coming to a close, Bitcoin (BTC) is reaching new peaks, bringing back memories of the strong upward trend seen in 2021.
The Simplest Of Candlestick Patterns: Marubozu Patterns
While Marubozu patterns may appear simple at first glance, their implications in technical analysis are profound.
Is The Crypto Bubble Happening?
Bitcoin hits $50,000 milestone amid market rebound. Is the surge sustainable or are we in a crypto bubble?
The Yin And Yang Of Market Analysis: Fundamental Vs. Technical Approaches
By combining fundamental and technical analysis, investors gain a holistic view of market behavior, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and potentially enhance their profitability.
1 to 16 of 26 Posts