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HappyTrading, a.k.a. Andy Wang, graduated from the University of California, at Berkeley, with a dual degree in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Engineering, honors. He was also a high school valedictorian and was on the Berkeley Universitys Deans List for his graduating year. While ...more

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The Path Of Least Resistance, Part III - Is The Crash Over?
SP500 visited 3500 last week. Is this the bottom? Where does the market go from here?
Time To Buy SDS And UVXY
SDS and UVXY have not risen as much compared to the fall of the SPX. It is time to buy SDS and UVXY now.
Sell Oil. Buy Solar?
Oil Stocks Are Going to Zero (unless oil companies start to shift their paradigm).
Stocks Coming Back Down
After 6 weeks of summer rally, stocks are coming back down.
Still No Global Warming?
With extreme weathers sweeping across the globe there are still those who doubt global warming is happening. However, they cannot deny the rise of green energy stocks.
Stocks Ready For A Bounce
The past few days have been volatile, but, stocks look ready for a bounce.  Since the last CPI report, even energy stocks have fallen, pretty sharply in fact.
Short-Term Bottom, Really?
The US stock market had a big rally on Friday last week. On Monday, the SPX closed at 3900. Does this rally have legs to continue?
The Path Of Least Resistance, Part II - A Crash Is Coming
The stock market is a two-way street, and right now, the side with the least resistance is "down". 
Consumer Stocks Take Hit: TGT, COST, DG, DLTR, MCD
After three days of bouncing higher and consolidating, stocks resumed their descending trajectory. Today's quick fall was quite big.
Two Quick Trades: FB, GME
We are likely going to see some wild swings in the next few days.
Dow Stocks Are Falling, 3 Dow Stocks To Sell
Stocks are falling. What to do?
(Much) More Downside To Come?
Markets have become much more volatile, but VIX is still hanging in the low 30s.
Tesla's Record Quarter - Elon Musk Delivers Again
Tesla reported a record quarter, sending its stock up +5.57% aftermarket.
Maybe Not Rush To Buy Twitter, But Definitely Don't Sell
Elon Musk placed a hostile bid for the company at $54/share. There is no lack of opinions from both the "buy" and the "sell" sides.
The Path Of Least Resistance - Are The Markets Ready For A Bigger Correction?
With high inflation, more hawkish Fed, rates going up, Putin's war on Ukraine, higher oil prices, what's the path of least resistance for the stock market?
Healthcare Stocks Finding Buyers Again, MRNA, VERU, BNTX
It seems like buying interests are coming back to COVID-19 stocks.
1 to 16 of 91 Posts
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