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Andy Sutton is formerly the Chief Market Strategist for Sutton & Associates, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He writes the periodic Economic and Financial Commentary “My Two ... more


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Where Do We Go From Here? Economic Analysis For Remainder Of FY2020
The world started 2020 on the shakiest of terms, economically speaking. The world was already in the early stages of a contraction in aggregate demand.
Risk Management – Interest Rate Risk
Since interest rates have been the topic of much conversation and debate recently, we thought we’d start here. What exactly is interest rate risk?
A Brief Primer On Risk Management
Often, when looking at investments, we give in to perceptions rather than realities. Most capital asset pricing models, for instance, rely on the use of ‘the riskless asset’ in their various formulas. Does such an asset exist?
US National Debt By The Year
It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out if we get to $36T by 2024, there is no going back. In all honesty, that ship has likely already sailed.
USA Unemployment – Initial Claims – Image Of The Week
Andy Sutton shared this chart showing the unemployment claims by state during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Retirement Accounts Part Of Next Bailout?
Today, for the first time, a prominent national politician mentioned on television news that portions or potentially all of the pension systems in the United States might have to be ‘nationalized’ to fund additional bailout measures.
Something’s Rotten In Denmark – The ‘Fed’ Balance Sheet
Let’s remember why the not-so-US Fed’s balance sheet go so big to begin with. It was buying worthless assets from its (owner) banks.
Russia Continues To Diversify Its Foreign Exchange Reserves
Russia is the third largest gold producer in the world. In January – December 2018, 8.5mn ounces (265 tonnes) were produced in the country.
The Brexit ‘Punishment’?
The devaluation helps exporters, but it also skewers the domestic population – precisely the group responsible for all the ruckus. Punishment? Absolutely.
The Motive Behind The ECB’s Handling Of Banca Carige
So why is the ECB treating this midsize bank as too big to fail? Because they want to steal it and set a rather important precedent.
What Was Mnuchin Thinking? – The Atlantic – With Commentary
If they’re communicating this poorly in the absence of a crisis, just imagine how disastrously they might perform in the presence of one.
Shutdown – One Way To Slow The Deficit?
Will the fact that certain portions of the government are now shutdown will mean less spending? Not likely.
Why The Dow Fell Out Of Bed
The reason for the sharp waterfall in US stocks just after 12pm ET has to do with another systematic “trader” type in the market: the much faster CTAs, or managed futures funds, which do nothing but chase market momentum once it has been established.
Student Loan Delinquencies Increase As US Household Debt Makes Another Record
It is amazing to us that anyone would be so foolish as to portray a debt bubble as economic prosperity. It is even more amazing when you consider that this has been going on the best part of a decade now.
Ten Points Or Ten Miles To ‘Bridge Out’ – My Two Cents
In what has already been a very interesting week, we’ve witnessed distractions galore. Cognitive dissonance is fully on display.
China Denies Plan To ‘Displace’ America As World Power
Of course it could be said that China isn’t actively trying to displace America – America is doing a fantastic job of displacing itself.
1 to 16 of 58 Posts
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