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CEO at E5A Integrated Marketing
Location: 469 Seventh Ave Suite 404, New Yrok, NY, United States
Phone: 646-872-5230
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Andrew Corn is the CEO of E5A Integrated Marketing, a revenue accelerator. He heads strategy: marketing planning, brand, revenue and distribution. He consults with clients regarding marketing revenue plans, positioning messaging, product development, advertising, sales channels, finals and ...more

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Hedge Fund Liquidations Surpass Launches For The Fourth Consecutive Quarter
Pensions & Investments recently published a piece highlighting data from Hedge Fund Research stating that: 186 managers liquidated their funds in the second quarter, compared to 213 in the first quarter and 215 in the fourth quarter of 2018.
Real Estate For Retirement
Private equity and direct investment in real estate is finding its way into retirement accounts. Most real estate pays dividends, which many people use as income.
How Do You Uncover The Best Target Date Fund?
Since the dawn of the 401k, empowering individuals to manage their own retirement investments, the quest for solid returns has been saddled by employees, HR professionals, financial advisors, corporations and ultimately, it falls onto society and government.
Guess Who Is Assumed To Live Longer In The U.S. – Most Everyone
Pension plans have taken on new liabilities and liquidity requirements.
Welcoming The JOBS Act And The Six Biggest Threats To Hedge Funds
Today marks the day the JOBS Act rules go into effect. Here are the six relatively basic challenges facing the industry.
How Hedge Funds May Take More Assets From Traditional Managers
There has been great fanfare around the rules set for implementation of the JOBS Act for hedged funds and other private offerings. The majority of the media coverage is centered on one of two concepts...
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