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Small cap, dividend growth, value investor. Wrote a free PDF about overcoming the market's emotions with a simple, numbers-based approach.


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Free Cash Flow Vs. Adjusted EBITDA
A company that generates positive free cash flow each year is in a much better spot than one that consistently burns cash.
The Simple Way To Create Asymmetric Investing Performance
Asymmetric investing performance simply means that your gains are bigger than losses. For example, an investment that could gain 300% or more, but can only lose at most -100%, is an asymmetric opportunity.
3 Leading Indicators For Markets: Why FedEx’s Latest Release Is A Big Signal
From watching the Dow Jones Transportation Average, inventory-to-sales ratios, and inflation both at the consumer and purchase manager level, investors can stay informed of the economic environment.
Bitcoin, Gold, Stocks, Or I-Bonds – What Is The Best Hedge Against Inflation?
Many people will say that stocks are a great inflation hedge because as the cost of goods goes up, so does the revenue for the company, thus generating a larger net income to distribute to shareholders
Hawkish Vs. Dovish And Why Investors Should Watch For Cues
Monetary policy, and the people who decide on it, are often described as hawkish or dovish depending on whether the proposed policy is restrictive or stimulative, respectively.
A Dive Into Walmart’s Supply Chain And Understanding Vendor Management Inventory
Having a strong supply chain is important for any retail outlet, but the retail giant, Walmart, has mastered the game and hasn’t turned back.
Best Investment Plans To Consider For Your Children’s Future [Pros And Cons]
There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a savings account for your child. There is absolutely no risk to putting after-tax dollars in the account; no matter what happens, that money will be there.
The Basics Behind Using The Price To Earnings Valuation Method On A Stock
The P/E valuation method is a great shortcut to quickly seeing what a company’s valuation compared to its earnings is; in other words, how valuable that the market thinks the company is today compared to its current earnings power.
Beginner’s Guide To Finding High ROIC Stocks Anytime You Want
Long-term investors should target high ROIC stocks for their portfolio because these tend to be the companies that can sustain higher long-term growth.
What To Know Before Investing In Solar Energy
Solar power, wind, and hydro are the leaders among energy investments globally, with over $175.8 billion in solar.
Asset Management Stocks: Business Overview And Changing Trends
Trillions of dollars move around in markets and many of these flow through large asset management companies.
5 Harsh Lessons About Investing In Raw Materials Companies
Signals can appear very fast and the drawdowns can be very swift for very cyclical companies like those in the Raw Materials sector.
How Google Makes Money: A Business Breakdown
Google is arguably one of the best-known companies globally, and its search engine is so popular it has become a verb to 'google it.' To invest in a company like Google, we need to understand its business model and how it makes money.
6 Obscure Investment Quotes By Peter Lynch During His Retirement
Peter Lynch has one of the best track records on Wall Street of all-time. Here are some of his post-retirement words of wisdom.
Dividend Reinvestment Plan Real-Life Example
Compound interest is exponential, which means that returns multiply on themselves. It's a powerful force over a long enough period, as this example shows.
My First Stock Analyzed: Lessons From A 10x Return
It’s amazing how a little bit of luck and a whole lot of patience can build serious wealth even when you put little to no effort into it.
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