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Prior to Zacks, Andrew held positions in the financial industry as the Senior Manager of Educational Content at TradeStation and a growth-oriented Portfolio Manager at O’Neil Capital Management. Andrew has more than two decades of investing experience and believes in combining technical ...more

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Bear Of The Day: Airbus Group
Late last month, Airbus unexpectedly cut 2024 guidance and lowered its financial targets for the year, blaming supply chain issues and increased costs.
Bear Of The Day: CVS Health
Since 2018, the amount of lost retail revenue due to theft has grown each year consecutively and soared overall. For example, in 2018, retailers lost about $50 billion to theft.
Bull Of The Day: Pdd Holdings
Temu, PDD’s e-commerce website, has put PDD on the map. Temu is an online marketplace and e-commerce platform that has garnered popularity for its extensive offering of affordable products.
Embracing Market Dynamics As Inflation Data Looms
As investors wait for key economic events, they are bracing for short-term volatility. While the data points to volatility in the short-term, the intermediate/long-term picture appears to be bullish.
4 Factors Point To A Sunny Future In Solar
Though solar stocks have been brutal to investors recently, they are worth watching. And solar stocks are beginning to show several signs that a turnaround is near and that the next big bull market may be around the corner.
Bear Of The Day: Hertz
With the advent of smartphones and other modern luxuries, it is becoming increasingly more apparent that the modern consumer is looking for speed and convenience in all aspects of life.
Bull Of The Day: Coinbase Global
Luckily for Coinbase, two of its biggest competitors, FTX (now defunct with former CEO Sam Bankman Fried in prison) and Binance, found themselves in major legal trouble.
2 Top Biotech Buyout Candidates
Investors who are adventurous, have a high-risk tolerance, and are home run hitters may opt for biotech stocks. Investors in this group may want to hone in on stocks that have the potential to be bought out. Here are some top buyout candidates.
Bear Of The Day: Herbalife
The core products of Herbalife include protein shakes, dietary supplements, vitamins, energy drinks, protein bars, and personal care products such as skincare and hair items.
Bull Of The Day: Spotify
Spotify is a digital music streaming service that provides users with access to millions of songs, podcasts, and other audio content.
DOJ Takes A Bite Out Of Apple As Buffett Sours On The Stock
This week, the US Department of Justice announced that it sued Apple in an antitrust case over its landmark iPhone product. The DOJ alleges that Apple has a monopoly over the phone market that has harmed consumers, developers, and rival companies.
Bull Of The Day: Li Auto
Late last month, Li Auto posted a double beat for the quarter. Revenue came in at $5.88 B for a year-over-year increase of 129.70% (beat Wall St. estimates by $398 M).
AI's Winning Duos: BBAI & PLTR, SOUN & NVDA
By now, the AI revolution is no secret to Wall Street. However, two under-the-radar, pure play AI stocks offer asymmetric reward-to-risk.
Small But Mighty: Is The Russell 2000 Signaling A Comeback?
Factors such as subsiding inflation and interest rate concerns, a turnaround in earnings growth, positive price action, as well as the cash-rich status of small caps, all contribute to a potential resurgence in small caps.
Beyond The "Mag 7": 3 Risk-On Market Forces
The biggest bear argument over the past year has been slim leadership in the market, namely concentrated in mega-cap tech stocks such as the “Mag 7.” However, dig deeper, and you will discover there's more to the story.
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